Wednesday April 16th 2014

Your Olympic warmup: Figure skating costumes of 2014

By: Heather Steeves

All photos by the Associated Press

When it comes to the winter Olympics (opening ceremonies Friday!), figure skating is where it’s at. Drama, dance, perilous flips and twirls – all with machetes strapped to their feet? Into it.

But the costumes. Oh man. We’re only a month or so into 2014 and the figure skating world has already made it clear that it exists in its own fashion era. Not bound by stigma or good sense, figure skaters prance about dressed like Jasmine and Aladdin. For 2014, I present to you three trends: Blurred Lines stripes (with rhinestones!), Disney princess (with rhinestones!) and vintage (with rhinestones!). And while not all of the talented figured skaters above will be competing in Sochi, I bet these trends will be there in full sparkly force.