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Posted: October 14, 2014

Pets wearing Halloween costumes: Send us your photos!

Let’s celebrate our costumed pets this Halloween. Send us a photo of your pet dressed in whatever getup you saw fit and we’ll post them here for all to see and admire.

Written by: Staff Reports

Many of us have done it. Maybe we started small by tying a bandana around a dog’s collar. Maybe that bandana quickly grew into a T-shirt. Maybe we just happened to see a dog-shaped Sherlock Holmes costume hanging on the rack when we accidentally went shopping for dog costumes. It happens.

Let’s celebrate our costumed pets this Halloween. Send us a photo (see the form below) and we’ll add it to the gallery!

Note: Our Halloween contest for one lucky dog has come to a close. Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep (aka Nakita and Mojo) won a HappyMe collar and leash AND a short profile on The Maine Wag, thanks to Deb Collins, HappyME owner and author of The Maine Wag here on Congrats!

Want to get your costumed pet added to the gallery? Send us a photo!

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Attach your amazing pet-in-costume photo (you may need to size it down if it's a big image)

What's your pet's name? What town do you both live in?
Anything else about you or your costume-wearing pet that we should know?

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Halloween can be fun if your dog loves posing, ruffing around in a costume or doing tricks for treats. Here are five wagging ways to help you seek out a howling good time and get in the Halloween spirit.
5 dog-friendly ways to have a howling good time with your Halloween hound via The Maine Wag

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