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  • Absolute best whitewater rafting in Maine

    The promise of exhilaration and heart-pumping excitement is around Maine's next corner on the Kennebec River. Call Moxie Rafting and ask for Matt Bowman! Read on

  • Bike a little to walk a lot: Baxter Boulevard to Mackworth Island

    There's plenty to see once you pedal over to Mackworth Island, including a pet cemetery, a beach, a walking trail that circles the island, and Baxter School for the Deaf. Read on

  • 10 easy Maine hikes anyone can do: Great views for the casual hiker

    All these hikes are less than 2 miles. They're not difficult, but they are super gratifying. 6 of them are within an hour's drive of Portland. If you're not a hardcore hiker, but want a mountaintop view, here's our picks for you: Read on

  • Learn to mountain bike: A free women’s beginner group meets weekly near Portland

    "Mountain biking is challenging and humbling. It’s dirty and buggy, and you will likely end up with bloody legs and bruised hips from falling, but somehow you will love it anyway. It’s addicting." (This has a 2-minute GoPro video of biking through Bradbury Mountain - cool). Read on

  • Great hiking, great views at Great Pond Mountain

    In the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands in Orland, a granite bedrock trail leads to the extraordinary cliffs atop Great Pond Mountain and far-reaching views south to Acadia, Blue Hill and Penobscot Bay. Read on

  • 3 top summer canoe trips in Maine

    Here are the three best river trips in Maine if you're looking to experience our state and make memories you'll look back on for decades. Any experience level, any length of time - you're covered. Put it on the calendar. Read on

  • Abol closure still leaves five great hiking routes to the top of Katahdin

    The Abol Trail is closed for the foreseeable future due to landslides, but that still leaves five other great hiking routes to the summit of Katahdin, Maine's highest mountaintop. Get an overview of these hikes and watch a video with tips for preparing for your big climb. Read on

  • 7 of the most beautiful beaches within 45 minutes of Portland

    You could visit a different beautiful beach every day of the week - all within 45 minutes of the city. Beaches around here are a little like our restaurants; different ones appeal to different moods and different tastes. Read on

  • 4 easy camping recipes that will make you drool over an open fire – all you need is a pan

    You can bring bags of almonds, some protein bars and peanut butter sandwiches, but why torture yourself. Camping is the time to get in touch with your inner Ron Swanson — for me, that means as much meat on a stick as possible. You can easily put eggs, burgers or a steak in a pan or *sigh* eat a salad ... Read on

  • 10 easy paddles in southern-ish Maine: Calm waters to explore by kayak, canoe or SUP

    You don’t have to have be an expert paddler to explore many of Maine's waterways - and you don’t have to go far to find them. Read on

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