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Posted: February 9, 2014

Who needs Westminster? Share your Maine mutt

Written by: Shannon Bryan

This is Odie.

He’s not a contestant in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, taking place in New York as we speak.

Odie: Not going to Westminster. But this loveable mutt wins Best in Show in the Ponti/Burke household. Aimsel Ponti photo.

Maybe he’d like to be. Maybe he thinks it’s all hooey. Either way, Westminster isn’t in his future (although 17 dogs with ties to Maine are there: Maine dogs put best paws forward at Westminster – via Press Herald. You can even try matching those dog and their owners in an interactive game).

Odie is a talented foot warmer and kills it in soccer. He’s well traveled (came to Maine all the way from Tennessee), and he’s got a cuteness that can’t be measured with strict kennel club criteria.

Odie’s a mutt, you see. A loveable, wonderful, genetically diverse mutt. Those wonderful mixed breeds got to show their talents at Westminster for the first time during the weekend’s agility trials, which were open to mixed breed dogs (kudos to husky mix Roo!). But mutts don’t get to strut the carpet during the annual dog show. Still, they’ll always be Best in Show in our hearts. (awww!)

So let us celebrate the Mutts of Maine. Let us put their paws on a pedestal. Let us rally around our dogs of mixed breed, curious personalities, and anomolistic fur patterns.

Send us a photo of your mutt (include your dog’s name, his winning characteristics, and the breeds you think he may be comprised of, as well as your name and town of residence) and we’ll gather them up on a page that’ll give our mutts the credit they deserve. Credit for being unique, and awesome, and sometimes a little hyperactive when someone comes to the door.

Send to:

Our Maine Mutts

Here are a few awesome dogs we’ve received photos of already:


Jack lives in Pownal. An Australian shepherd/beagle mix, Jack likes
calligraphy and collecting antique cuff links.
He’s currently recovering from a breakup with a pedigree show dog who left
him for a schnauzer.


Flappy Huynh

Owner Name: Norman Huynh and Rachel Hester-Huynh
Breed: 8 month, 15 lb Dachshund (Supposed to be a mini-dachshund, but he blew through that weight max 4 pounds ago)
Winning characteristics: Enjoys (demands) morning belly rubs. Loves his toys, vegetables, fruits and anything else he can get that isn’t kibble. Great snuggler/kisser/sleeper. SO excited to meet/greet you every. single. time. Favorite things include playing fetch, anything fuzzy and underwear. An all-American cutie.



“Mr. Worm is really good at eating, cuddling and finding creative ways to get to any food that may be left in his reach (for a short-legged dog, he’s got a long reach). He’s corgi/beagle mix…and maybe cat since he won’t play with dog toys, but he’ll play with cat toys,” according to owner Emma Bouthillette of Biddeford



“Lana is a 5-year-old Olde English Bulldog. She is amazing with kids and the elderly. She makes rounds at Springbrook Nursing home, when we visit her great grandmother. She has been to work with her mom (her mom is a nurse practitioner) and she has been very therapeutic to the patients. She is sweet and gentle and above all CUTE! She lives in North Deering Portland, Maine with her Mom, Meneah Haworth.”





“This is Jake. He’s part lab and as my wife likes to say, part perfect. He’s a rescue from Kentucky and now makes his home in Kennebunk. He’s afraid of squirrels and mushrooms but is very possibly the sweetest dog of all time.” – Bob Rose, Kennebunk





Vegas Lee Vegas

“Here’s Vegas Lee Vegas, a foxton terrier. (boston/toy fox terrier mix) from Gray, Maine. She’s small and feisty! She’s also the fastest dog around. When she’s not running, she enjoys naps, home cooked meals and barking at the wind.” – Stacy Willett-Harrington, Gray






“This is Oscar our wonderful Miniature Schnauzer/Poodle mix. He’s very smart and affectionate and loves to hike, sleep and torture the cat,” says owner Jason Phelps of Durham.





Monty, King & Tyson

“My big lovable mutts. All of these handsome boys are rescues, the two big guys are Monty and King two 170 pound 6 year old brothers that are GSD/Rotties and my little guy Tyson is a 12 year old 65 pound Rottie/pittie. They all love to snuggle and give kisses, want nothing more than to play and and be where ever my husband and I are. They share their days with two kitties. In the winter they spend their time bounding about in the snow and laying by the fireplace, while in the summer they play in the pool and backyard untill we force them in at night. They are truely leaving paw prints on our hearts!”






“This is Sammy! Also known as Sam. Sammy is a 4-year-old Golden Retriever/Black Lab mix. Some of Sammys hobbies: he loves to smile and sleep in laundry baskets – empty or full of clothes – and jumping in leaves and swimming. Sammy could easily be mistaken for a cat as he loooooooves to chase the laser pointer.” – Ashley, Mount Vernon






“This is a picture of our little Maine Mutt Moxie. She is a Schnoodle (Schnauzer/ mini poodle). She is are 9 pound ball of energy. She is a great girl and is fantastic with the kids! We love her so much and just wanted to share her cuteness!” – Michelle Michaud





Phebe Teacup

“Phebe Teacup is a six year sweetheart. She is a mix of chihuahua and miniature dachshund, as far as we know. My daughter got her from a lady in a Walmart parking lot. Since she came to live with us, she has developed a real taste for clothing and has an outfit for every occasion. Her favorites are anything pink and all forms of bling. Phebe’s best quality is that the minute any of us sit down, she jumps into our laps to cuddle. She is truly a sweetheart.” – Margaret Hewes, Portland






“Lily is a Boston/toy fox terrier mix. She is a cuddle bug, always sleeps under the covers and knows everyone by name. She is super-fast, loves to play and sings (howls) to Guns N’ Roses songs. She loves to hunt chipmunks, go for car rides and walk the beach. She’s the best $75 I ever spent.” – Beth Bilodeau





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