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Posted: June 19, 2014

LEGO ‘fire walk’ photo from South Portland’s Bull Moose goes viral

Written by: Heather Steeves
Photo by Mick Pratt, the store manager of the Mill Creek Bull Moose in South Portland.

Photo by Mick Pratt, the store manager of the Mill Creek Bull Moose in South Portland.

It may be the only photo on the Internet that can make your feet hurt. Or, as George Takei, of Star Trek fame wrote on a facebook post Thursday, “The LEGO Firewalk is more treacherous than any fire…” And with that a photo from Bull Moose’s South Portland store went viral with more than 168,000 likes and 67,000 shares on Facebook (as of when this article was posted). Apparently a fan submitted the photo to Takei, who reposted it.

The photo shows a 12-foot-long red carpet covered in LEGOs. People who braved the treacherous path snatched the new LEGO movie for about $10, down from the regular price of about $20. The “fire walk” was only for an hour on Tuesday, the date of the DVD’s release.

‘“We thought it was a fun thing to do that would be popular locally. Did I think George Takei would repost a photo I’ve taken in my lifetime? No, I didn’t think that would be a thing,” said store manager Mick Pratt, who took the photo. “It’s true: Everything is awesome.”

The promotion started at 5 p.m. Tuesday and there were already a dozen people in line, mostly small children whose parents had to sign waivers before their tiny, fleshy toes could press onto the notoriously pricky bricks.

Sam Ellis, 24, of Portland, walked the brick walk for the discount.

“Four kids went before me. They were kind of nervous. They handed out LEGO-shaped chocolate candies, so they felt better after that,” Ellis said. On a scale of one to 10, Ellis ranked the LEGO-induced pain at a two. “I would do it again for the sequel.”

Pratt said the best part of his photo going viral is that one of the store’s employees, Katrina Vaughan, made the LEGO cutouts of the characters Unikitty, Emmet and Benny.

“Her art is making it around the world,” Pratt said.

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