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Posted: April 17, 2013

How to feel like s@%#: Augusten Burroughs in Portland April 25

Written by: Staff Reports

If you’ve read any of Augusten Burroughs’ memoirs – like “Running with Scissors” or “Dry” – it won’t surprise you to hear that he may have spent a fair amount of time with his head hovering over a litany of self help books. Maybe he found solace in those benevolent pages. Or maybe he discovered most self help books aren’t very helpful at all.

Whatever the inspiration, Burroughs has written a self help book of his own: “This is How: Help for the Self.” He’ll be in at the Portland Pubic Library on Thursday, April 25 to talk about the book and offer advice on how to fall in love, be a good mental patient, end your life, be confident, be fat, be thin, feel less regret, feel like s@%#, and ride an elevator. Plus other essentials.

The event is free and the talk starts at 7 pm in the Rines Auditorium. Door open at 6:15 pm (because it is Augusten Burroughs, after all, and people really dig him, so the room is likely to fill up quickly. Hence our advice: Get their early).

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