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  • Tumbling Bones carry their love of bluegrass far and wide (and to OLS on Friday)

    The Portland band, chosen to be U.S. cultural ambassadors in the fall, plays One Longfellow Square Saturday. Read on

  • Sarah McLachlan shines in Boston

    With a new album and old favorites, Sarah McLachlan delivered the goods in Boston Read on

  • This summer’s waterfront concerts on Maine State Pier

    The Maine State Pier has been pretty quiet the past few years. Sure, there's an occasional fisherman yelling because he finally hooked the big one. But the drum thumps and guitar twangs of rock concerts, which were pretty much an annual event on the pier between 2006 and 2011, have been absent. Read on

  • In search of vinyl: Aimsel’s epic record store crawl in Portland

    I love the smell of a record store. Sometimes I make a beeline for certain sections, other times I carelessly peruse and see what I find. Thank you, Portland, for having so much vinyl all within walking distance of my desk. Read on

  • Q&A: Singer-songwriter Patty Griffin on her favorite albums & Maine’s memorable smell

    Singer-songwriter Patty Griffin left Maine some 30 years ago, but she says the state will always hold a special place in her heart, and in her nose. The Old Town native says one of her favorite things about coming back to Maine is the scent of ocean and pine. Read on

  • It’s pickin’ season: Summer bluegrass festivals in Maine

    Music festivals are always fun, but bluegrass festivals are distinctive. People come from all over the country to seek out bluegrass, camping on site for a week at a time. And tons of people bring their own instruments, so you can hear banjos and guitars and the like long after the billed performers stop for the evening. Read on

  • 25 free summer concerts within an hour of Portland

    There are at least two dozen free shows (or technically free, with a suggested donation) scheduled at venues within an hour or so of Portland. Read on

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