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  • Sun Kil Moon captured crowd with vivid storytelling, bellowing warmth

    Coming off conflicts elsewhere, Mark Kozelek awed the audience at Port City Music Hall on Thursday. Read on

  • Jason Spooner Band releases fan-inspired “Fireflies” Video

    Jason Spooner Band "Fireflies" video gets by with a little help from their fans. Read on

  • Chatting with Billy Bragg: “It’s all about communicating ideas”

    The British singer-songwriter, whose tunes reflect his interest in politics and community, will play at Port City Music Hall on Monday. Read on

  • Aimsel’s guide to being a great concertgoer (and having a great time going to concerts)

    Whether you heed this advice or are simply amused by it, know that I'm coming from a good place, I promise. Read on

  • In search of vinyl: Aimsel’s epic record store crawl in Portland

    I love the smell of a record store. Sometimes I make a beeline for certain sections, other times I carelessly peruse and see what I find. Thank you, Portland, for having so much vinyl all within walking distance of my desk. Read on

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