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Just Getting Started RATED PG-13

In theatres Fri, Dec 08, 2017

In this raucous comedy, Duke (Freeman) is the freewheeling manager of a luxury Palm Springs retirement resort known as Villa Capri. It’s Christmas in the desert, and living is easy for Duke – his days are spent golfing, playing poker with pals, and entertaining his pick of the lovely single ladies. Duke’s the big man on campus, until charming former military man Leo (Jones) arrives and threatens to become the new alpha male. When regional director Suzie (Russo) also shows up to look into some improper finances, both men turn on the charm to assert their status as top dog. But what starts as a friendly rivalry to date Suzie turns serious when men from Duke’s past come back to haunt him—kidnapping Suzie in the process. Putting their rivalry aside, can Duke and Leo come together to rescue Suzie, stop whoever is trying to kill Duke, and save Christmas at Villa Capri?

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Directors Ron Shelton

Cast Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Rene Russo

Writers Ron Shelton

Distributors Broad Green Pictures

Genres Action/Adventure, Comedy


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