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Bob Keyes has written about the arts in Maine since 2002. He’s never been much an artist himself, other than singing in junior high school chorus and acting in a few musicals. But he’s attended museums, theaters, clubs and concert halls all his life, and cites Bob Dylan as most influential artist of any kind since Picasso. He lives in Berwick.

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Posted: May 1, 2017

Running With Scissors’ show and sale will support women

Written by: Bob Keyes
Llie Barnet painting Photos courtesy of Running with Scissors

Llie Barnet painting
Photos courtesy of Running with Scissors

The artist collective Running With Scissors will host a spring open studio and gallery sale to raise money for organizations in Portland that support girls and women.

“Traditionally, we have an open studio and gallery sale the weekend before Mother’s Day and decided this year to focus on ways to be supportive and active in our community toward organizations for women and girls that struggle even harder these days to make the incredible work they do possible,” said Kate Anker, owner and director of Running With Scissors.

Artists will donate proceeds from sales to the community groups In Her Presence, A Company of Girls, Maine Family Planning and Hardy Girls Healthy Women, all of which work to empower and promote women, girls and related causes.

Manna 2 by Laurie Fischer

Manna 2 by Laurie Fischer

Artists with work in the gallery show include Adria Rusk, Anita Holt, Ann Tracy, Christine Caswell, Christy Zavasnik, Cindy Barnard, Elizabeth Ruskin, Ellie Barnet, Flyn Costello, Hannah Tarkinson, Honnie Goode, Janine Grant, Jo Goiran, Laurie Fisher, Lydia Anderson, Michelle Hennessey, Molly Anathan, Otty Merrill, Peter Bucklin, Rachel Herzer, Rebecca Verril and Soozie Large.

The “Spring for Women” show and sale will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Running With Scissors, 250 Anderson St., Portland.

“We decided to create this event to bring awareness and support to local organizations that are possibly less recognized and supported but do important work in our community,” Anker said. “As artists, we want to use our talents to call attention to these vital community members and to hopefully raise some funding for their work.”

Barnet decided to participate because it’s something she can do as an artist to make her community stronger. “I don’t have any money to give to charity, but I want to do something,” she said.

In addition to being in the group show, Barnet will sell small paintings from her studio at Running With Scissors. She will donate sales money to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Natural Resources Defense Council. As the mother of a young girl, Barnet said she was motivated to act to help ensure a future for her daughter.

“I want her to grow up in a world with equal rights for all humans and a healthy planet,” she said.


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