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  • 5 community (and budget friendly!) downhill ski areas in Maine

    These 5 smaller ski facilities offer a whole different experience from a day on the large resort slopes with a throwback to a simpler time and some good old winter fun. Read on

  • Hiking in Maine: Mountains await the winter trekkers

    Winter weekends present the perfect opportunities for exploration. Read on

  • 5 kid-friendly cross country skiing destinations in Western Maine

    With terrain for beginners and experienced skiers alike, these centers are ideal for wintertime family outings. Read on

  • Live cheap: Free things to do in Maine this winter

    There are plenty of free things to do around here (or things that are so cheap they're nearly free). This list is what we've come up with so far - from wine tastings and poetry readings to cooking demos, arcades and full moon hikes. Read on

  • Maine’s Nordic centers offer an amazing variety of skiing opportunities

    Maine has a long tradition of Nordic skiing, dating back to the 1870s, and today, x-c skiers can enjoy the sport at at least two dozen centers ranging from the coast to Aroostook. Read on

  • Own the snow: Cross-country skiing & snowshoeing events, lessons, rentals and trails

    Imagine it: Just you, the trees, and an expanse of snow. Cross-country skiing is a fine winter way to get outside and get one with the white stuff. Many of the XC spots on our roundup also offer rentals, so first-timers can give the sport a try even if they don't already own equipment. Read on

  • Maine’s ski towns: Where to eat, what to do in Bethel, Bridgton & Carrabassett Valley

    There's plenty to do apre ski (or instead of ski) in Maine's ski mountain towns like Bethel, Bridgton and Carrabassett Valley Read on

  • 2017 Can’t-miss winter events in Maine

    The cold season can ice our spirits and bury our good natures under a half-ton of ash-colored slush. But we can break free from winter's frigid clutches with a little help from a toboggan, an ice bar, and a few well-placed snowballs. The key is strategy. Read on

  • Hikes, family fun days and groomed trails: Winter at Maine’s State Parks is a good time

    The parks off-season hosts lots of visitors for a winter season kind of fun Read on

  • Dining Guide: 5 Portland restaurants for a great bowl of soup

    Creamy or brothy, brimming with noodles, vegetables, meat or seafood — a steaming hot bowl of soup is what we crave when the winter winds blow. Find a world of soups at these local restaurants. Read on

  • Maine Winter Fairs & Festivals 2017

    There are plenty of winter festivals to look forward to, featuring everything from sled dogs and figure skaters to snowball-throwing competitions, ice carving and sledding hills built in the middle of the street. Read on

  • Maine ski season dining guide: Where to eat on and near the mountains

    Of course you'll find pub grub, pizza and local beer, but also what may be a surprising variety of food and drink choices. Read on

  • Skate into sunset at outdoor ice rink at Thompson’s Point in Portland

    Watching a winter sunset while ice skating at The Rink at Thompson’s Point in Portland is a wonderful, way to end a work day. Read on

  • 4 Maine winter beers: It’s time to embrace the rich stouts and porters

    The winter season plays into two of Maine's biggest strengths: enjoying cold weather and making great beer. Read on

  • 6 free outdoor ice skating venues in southern Maine

    Here are six spots in southern Maine where you can count on good, free, ice skating most of the time Read on

  • The lowdown on Skijoring, your new favorite winter sport

    Skijoring combines cross-country skiing with the basics of dog sledding to create a winter workout that benefits owner and dog alike. Read on

  • Have it on the rocks: 7 ice bars around Maine

    Think bars made of ice, martini luges and beers cupped in mittened hands. Plus complimentary grub. And if things get too chilly outside - and you're not in the mood to fight a stranger for space closer to the outdoor heater - you can head inside to warm up and hang out. Read on

  • 27 wonderful ways to stay warm this winter. Wow!

    Fire. It's a classic way to warm up. And stare at... So if you're going to be roaming about in Maine this winter, it's not a bad idea to know where the local heat sources are. In fact, there are a load of ways to beat the chill around here. Read on

  • 5 Maine winter hikes

    Because who says the coast isn't just as cool in the cold? Read on

  • Post-storm appreciation: Say ‘thank you’ to the people who pushed, pulled & dug you out

    We're inviting you to say "thank you" to the people who helped you out: The guy who pushed you up the street, the neighbor who shoveled your walkway, the woman who offered to jump your battery. All of them. You might not know their names, but you can still say thanks. Read on

  • The List: 5 winter driving words of advice

    Mother Nature must get bored in the winter. This means she has to find new ways to entertain herself. Based on observation, she really likes dumping a boat-load of snow onto the roads and watching the wee people slide around in their cars, smashing into each other and careening into ditches. And while we can't stop Mother Nature, we can prepare ourselves for the wintry slip 'n slide. Read on

  • 16 totally cute photos of kids playing in Maine snow (that’ll make you want to play in it, too)

    Snow. It’s a hassle for adults (the shoveling, the sliding, the spinning out into ditches). But it’s nothing but joy for the youngins. These photos of kids reveling in a Maine winter remind us: Snow is in the eye of the beholder. Read on

  • Warm and friendly Bethel Inn a welcome respite from winter's chill

    Day tripping to the mountains for skiing is fine, but every now and again isn’t it nice to make it a full weekend adventure, to treat yourself a little? Of course! After all, there’s nothing quite like skiing the entire day and after après ski, enjoying a relaxed dinner. Read on

  • How to survive a Maine Winter – Part 1: What to wear

    I am not Mr. Fashionpants. I do not necessarily know what is hep, or swingin’ — especially when it comes to lady’s couture. What I do know: What is fundamentally necessary to enjoying yourself in the wintry months Read on

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