Friday April 18th 2014

Local Love Muscle Valentine’s Day Film Festival: For lovers and others

By: Shannon Bryan

Couples. They take over everything. If it’s not a two-for-one dinner coupon, it’s a couples night at the make-your-own-pottery studio. But we’re not here to give the twosomes a hard time. We’re hear to talk about a Valentine’s Day (kinda) event that’s good for couples, groups, individuals, human hybrids, robots with feelings, and all the women who independent.

The Local Love Muscle Valentine’s Day Film Festival returns to Portland on February 16 at SPACE Gallery. Now in its third year, the festival showcases short local films. The films used to be about love (awww!) but this year organizers are throwing boundaries out the window and soliciting films about…anything. The 8-minute limit is gone, too. So why are we talking about this event over a month out? Because maybe you’re an aspiring filmmaker (or maybe you just needed an excuse to finally do that short documentary on peanut butter) and you want to submit a film. If so, get on it. And email festival organizers to get the details:

The rest of us look forward to seeing what the locals come up with during the Local Love Muscle Valentine’s Day Film Festival, 6-7:30 pm Sunday, February 16 at SPACE Gallery, Portland. Bring a date. Or don’t.