Friday April 18th 2014
Winter Guide

Learn to XC ski (or snowshoe or other stuff) at LL Bean Discovery School

By: Shannon Bryan

It’s possible that a heavy dose of prescription medication is responsible for your coworker’s winter-long serenity.

But chances are pretty good he’s keeping himself sane this season with some good old fashioned outdoor therapy.
If you’re going to survive winter without a weekly keyboard-chucking meltdown, you’re going to need some winter activity. And if you need help acquiring it (like lessons, maybe, or a winter “safe zone” where you can dabble in cross-country skiing or snowshoeing without feeling threatened, pressured, or laughed at) then look to L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School.

Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing programs are available this winter for $20 (which includes instruction, equipment, and 1-2 hours out there in the outdoors, doing your darndest not to fall down).

For folks who’ve never cross-country skied before, it can be both emotionally and financially painful to dish out a load of cash for equipment only to find out two days later you hate the sport. With the Outdoor Discovery School, you have the luxury of trying out the sport without the risky monetary risk-taking (and let’s face it – you’re probably going to love it).

It’s true, LL Bean has an ulterior motive for the programs. They’re hoping you’ll test out a sport, fall insanely in love, and hit store to spend your hard-earned dough on new skis and poles and a sweet-looking fur hat. Then again, maybe they just want you to get outside and try it already.

Got questions? Ask away. Then leave without spending another penny. Or come back and try another sport. Try everything until you find the thing that makes you embrace winter instead of falling into the anti-winter vortex of curses and bad daytime television.

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Learn to cross-country ski or snowshoe for only $20 (including equipment, instruction, and a couple hours out there doin’ it)

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