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Posted: January 27, 2013

Drink Cheap: Snowing? Half-price bourbons & drafts at Salt Exchange

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Let’s say it’s snowing out. Being winter in Maine, chances are it actually is snowing out.

So which of the following appeals to you most:



If you prefer to wrestle with the accumulating snowmass with nothing but a plastic shovel and a weak back to help you, then by all means.

But if you’re happy to leave the grunt work for later (or for a generous neighbor who just might shovel for you, as generous neighbors are wont to do), head to The Salt Exchange to take advantage of their Snow Drafts and Winter Bourbons special.

When it’s snowing – like, literally snowing – drafts and bourbons are half off. And when the snow stops, so does the deal. So even though snow means shovels and ice scrapers and buried pets and sidewalks that turn into slip ‘n’ slides, at least there’s a $3.50 bourbon to look forward to.

Happy Hour

Even when it isn’t snowing, The Salt Exchange has launched a new Monday-through-Saturday happy hour boasting half-price mixed drinks, wine, and beer and $6 apps.

While the menu changes, you can expect things like local oysters, soups, and truffled potato chips. And after you fill up on bargain appetizers and wine, you can always shuffle home for some old-fashioned snow shoveling. The snow will wait for you.

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