Sunday April 20th 2014

5 Questions With...

Kristen Smith


1. How did you get here?

I took the Casco Bay Lines ferry.

Describe your Maine in three words:

beauty; potential; home

If you had just 24 hours left in Maine, what would you do?

If it was a warm and sunny day, I’d join friends and family on a boat, take a swim, watch the sun set, eat a lobster, drink an Allagash, then try and maneuver a way to stay another 24 hours. If it was cold and gray, I would have brunch at Local 188, go to the Flea for All, walk around Congress St., have a great dinner at 555, see some music at Port City Music Hall, then try and maneuver a way to stay another 24 hours.

Is there anything about Maine you’d change?

Our same sex marriage laws and our economic health to better support small business and social services in a more comprehensive and progressive way.

What makes a true Mainer?

Drinking or naming your dog Moxie.
Eating Lobster on Thanksgiving.
Lovin’ only the really great Whoopie Pie and knowing the difference.
Chugging Allen’s Coffee Brandy while driving or fighting.
Downing Brown Bread dunked in seafood stew.
Wearing shorts in January.