Thursday April 17th 2014

5 Questions With...

Clare Morin


How did you get here?

It was a happy accident, or maybe it was written in the stars. I was lured here by my Fort Kent-born husband, the drumming/sound wizard Tim Morin. He first stole my heart in Leeds in the North of England when I was a 19-year old student and he was drumming with a band. Seven years later, our paths crossed again on the neon streets of Hong Kong where I was working as an arts writer. We tied the knot and decided to transplant ourselves to the U.S. The plan was Brooklyn, but somehow we landed here... No plans to leave.

Describe your Maine in three words...

Pure karmic appearance

If you had just 24 hours left in Maine, what would you do?

Go to Kettle Cove and commune with the seagulls. Call all the amazing Mainers I have had the great fortune to meet and tell them I’ll miss them. Then, take a final breath of the most amazing air on the planet, and hope to return.

Is there anything about Maine you’d change?


What makes a true Mainer?

Lovin’ the Whoopie Pie
And the ability to appear entirely unruffled in extreme weather conditions