Friday April 18th 2014


By: Shannon Bryan

Burn out. It happens to the best of us. Even Santa’s elves are susceptible to work-related fatigue, lost interest, and general apathy. Sure, a strict candy cane-based diet can sometimes help snap an elf out of the Scrooge. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always peppermint schnapps.

Photo by Todd Brian Backus, courtesy of Portland Stage Company

“The Santaland Diaries,” showing now through Dec 16 at Portland Stage Company, tells the story of one such dispassionate pixie. His name is Crumpet. He was hired to tend to the endless line of children waiting to sit on Santa’s lap at Macy’s. But despite the recycled pair of elf tights he gets to wear every day, he isn’t feeling the holiday love.

He’s a little on edge, in fact. Downright unelflike. And hilarious.

The one-man play, written by David Sedaris, is an annual event at Portland Stage – and it usually sells out. So buy early to prevent a Crumpet-like emotional tailspin.

Performances run through Dec. 16.
Tickets: $20 students, $30-$40 seniors, $34-$44 regular

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