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  • In’finiti is ready to wow with their new star chef

    A new chef is setting an exciting standard for fine cooking at this well established Old Port gastro-pub, In'Finiti Fermentation and Distillation. Read on

  • Snacktime: It’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day, new Otto in SoPo close to opening, revamped brunch menu at Zapoteca, and more

    Celebrate the annual release of France's famous "new" wine, stock up on holiday cookies without having to bake, and get ready for Otto Pizza near the Maine Mall. Read on

  • 5 ways to bring beer into your Thanksgiving

    When I first started writing about beer, the idea of bringing beer to the Thanksgiving table was one that would elicit more than a few brow raises and questionable looks. Read on

  • A look inside the just-opened Portland Food Co-op! Grand opening Dec. 10

    Portland shoppers, most of whom were members, arrived en mass at the newly opened Portland Food- Co-op. Lines were slow at the check-out but no one minded so thrilled for the store to be finally open. Read on

  • Cookbook review: ‘Smoke & Pickles’ for the best meatloaf & the ultimate meatloaf sandwich

    Some cookbooks can gather dust on your bookshelves or you can review them periodically and you'll be surprised what you might find of interest again and again like this recipe for meatloaf that I hadn't noticed before. Read on

  • Dining Guide: 5 restaurants worth the drive from Portland for Thanksgiving

    Those who don't want to cook and serve the holiday feast at home have plenty of options in and around Portland. If you want to make more of a day of it, however, consider heading out of town to one of these coastal or mountain destinations. And if you'd rather not drive home afterwards, they also have guest rooms. Read on

  • Order the ribs and the fried catfish. Seriously. Moe’s Original Bar B Que in South Portland

    If you're like me and occasionally find yourself pining for some good catfish, what they're serving up at Moe's is the real deal. South Portland, near the mall, is the last place I expected to find it. Read on

  • For Thanksgiving dinner without the fuss, make a reservation at one of these 25 Maine restaurants

    Don't feel like doing all that cooking, cleaning up and catering to everyone's different dietary requirements on Thanksgiving? Maine restaurants are here to save your turkey day. Read on

  • 5 holiday gift ideas for the Maine beer lovers in your life

    Here are five gift ideas ranging from $10 to $100 that will satisfy the beer lover in your life and help support the local Maine economy. Read on

  • For strong drinks on a stately boat, hit happy hour at DiMillo’s. It’s a Portland institution

    DiMillo's is a Portland institution. A floating restaurant since 1982, this 701-ton yacht can seat up to 600 in the summertime. The bar scene in the winter is more mellow but the place can still get crowded on weekends and Tuesday nights. Expect to find excellent service, a jovial atmosphere and strong drinks. Read on

  • New Dutch’s is a treat on Preble Street, Portland

    Dutch's is the newest--and very good--breakfast and lunch destination that's already a hit with both the white-collar crowd in Portland's central business district and with the city's food savants who are flocking there for its delicious food. Read on

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