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  • A game-changing grilled cheese at Cote’s Cafe, Portland’s new, semi-hidden gem

    Cote's Cafe opened just a few months ago and the location is as bright and cheery as its staff. Although there are two tables available it's mostly a takeout place. Read on

  • Tiny and off the beaten path, JP’s Bistro in Portland mixes up great cocktails

    JP's Bistro is a small neighborhood restaurant specializing in Italian dishes and craft cocktails. Capacity is about 50, but the bistro doesn't leave much room left over. Read on

  • Where’s the beef? Rolled and tied rib eye for grilling

    Sometimes not just any steak will do. Here is the start of a series on the best cuts of beef and poultry for summertime BBQ Read on

  • Bona fide craft beer in Midcoast Maine: Rock Harbor Brewery and Brew Pub in Rockland

    From drink one, it's clear that owner/brewer Dan Pease doesn't want to settle for mediocre brewpub beer. He wants to make bona fide craft beer. Read on

  • Across the bridge: South Portland and Cape Elizabeth offer a new culinary culture

    The South Portland-Cape Elizabeth nexus is in the midst of a culinary awakening. The proliferation of food shops, restaurants and farms stores are now standouts where virtually none had existed. Read on

  • Dining Guide: 5 Portland-area wine bars to try

    With all the current fawning over craft beer and cocktails, Maine wine drinkers might feel a little left in the dust. Not so at a wine bar, where there may or may not be a full menu, and lingering is encouraged. Each of the following, two of which opened in the last few months, has its own, distinctive personality. Read on

  • Tickets still available for 2015 ‘Chopped Challenge’

    The chefs competing this year are Justin Walker of Earth at Hidden Pond, Emil Rivera of Sur Lie, David Levi of Vinland and Adam Flood of host restaurant Grace. Read on

  • Portland dining: Sophistication and style define the new crop of restaurants set to open

    Expanding on the brand, Portland dining is gearing up for stylish dining where hayseeds take a back seat to urban swells coming through the front door. But all are welcome! Read on

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