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  • Snacktime: Arrows becoming The Velveteen Habit, Maine Pie Line closing and more

    If you had your heart set on Halverson Humble Pie for Thanksgiving, you'll have to make it yourself: Maine Pie Line closes up shop on Nov. 8. Read on

  • Dining Guide: Five Portland-area restaurants with fireplaces

    Now that there's a distinct chill in the air, fireside dining is a welcome treat. Here are five places where you can cozy up. Read on

  • Self-serve beer wall & red Solo cups (let’s not forget the tire swings) at Bonfire Country Bar in Portland

    Bonfire Country Bar is the first of its kind in many respects, but more specifically, the first self-serve bar in Maine. The music is loud, the TVs are plentiful, and the crowd is wild and ready to party. Read on

  • Roast beef: the art of roasting and the best cuts to use

    So far in this series on roast beef, each cut of meat that was prepared has yielded different degrees of beef flavor and tenderness. Next week look for the spoon roast, a cut from the sirloin that rivals prime rib. Read on

  • “Freshman Class” of breweries featured Sunday

    A new Portland Beer Week event showcases new breweries in a fast-paced "Freshman Orientation" format. Read on

  • Generous portions & plenty of people watching at new Golden Lotus Restaurant in Portland

    The Golden Lotus menu is bursting at the seams with many noodle soups, seafood, fried rice and chicken, beef and pork options. There's also plenty of dim sum type dishes available on the menu. Read on

  • The great pumpkin debate, and a recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Thanks to Starbucks, America has gone pumpkin-flavor crazy. These cookies recall a simpler time, before pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin beer. Read on

  • 12 fun events at Portland Beer Week Nov. 1-7: home brewing competitions, beer manicures and IPA tastings

    If you've been waiting for the right moment to immerse yourself in Portland's beer world, or you just want to get out on the town and celebrate our fair city's surplus of great beer and beer joints, Portland Beer Week is for you. Read on

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    Eat & Drinkvia Press Herald

    Dunkin’ Donuts rolling out its own ‘Croissant-Donut’

    Unlike the famous (and trademarked) Cronut, this hybrid pastry won’t have a cream filling. Read on

  • Rollicking good times at Harvest on the Harbor, 2014

    This year's Harvest was another power-packed gala with lots of food, music and table hopping; but it was the opening night event, Dinner on the Stage, which stole the show. Read on

  • Chef Stephen Richards of The World is Mine Oyster in Boothbay Harbor is the 2014 Maine Lobster Chef of the Year

    His complex dish bests those from 9 other chefs to win the coveted title. Read on

  • Friday Happy Hour: Mama’s Fish House Mai Tai

    With the recent nor'easter offering a not-so-subtle sign we're now staring down the barrel of winter, perhaps we could use a tropical escape in the form of a cocktail. Read on

  • Creepy cocktails: 4 boozy, easy-to-make Halloween treats for grown ups

    Let the kids have their candy. Adults can sip the cocktail version of Candy Corn, Tootsie Rolls and two more drinks you can make at home. Read on

  • First Look: Portland’s new Bao Bao Dumpling House is red hot!

    The newest Asian invasion in Portland is Cara Stadler's uber cool Bao Bao Dumpling House--with Portlanders already craving every last morsel Read on

  • Food blogger launches Kickstarter for sandwich truck in Rockland

    After nearly five years of blogging about food, Malcolm Bedell plans to launch 'Wich, Please, a year-round food truck serving "incredible sandwiches." Read on

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