Wednesday April 16th 2014

Say it, Eat it: Portland menu pronunciation guide


Diners don’t generally mispronounce “chicken” or “BLT,” which means we’ve gotten along just fine at area pubs and sandwich shops. But our small city’s super-exploding food scene has some phonetic implications: We’re not quite sure how to pronounce this stuff. But we want to try new restaurants. We want to eat unique cuisine and step out of our culinary comfort zones. And we also don’t want to sound like complete idiots when ordering.

Below are a few dozen terms that you told us you heard mispronounced the most – or perhaps had trouble saying yourself. And since this list could be oh-so-much longer, feel free to post the mispronunciations that drive you crazy in the comments (as well as pronunciations of ours you might disagree with). And we can all go confidently into the world, ordering, eating, and hopefully not sounding like idiots.

Thank you to Anestes Fotiades of for being “the voice.”

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