Thursday April 24th 2014

Say it, Eat there: Portland Restaurant Pronunciation Guide


You want to eat where?

We love the restaurants on this list for many reasons (the good food, the willingness of staff to humor us and go on camera pronouncing the restaurant’s name), but we also know we’ve mispronounced them in the past. (I confess to saying “peck a ree no” more than once.) Here’s the right way to say some of Portland’s dining spots, pronounced by the people who know them best:

The restaurant’s name is one thing, but what about the menu? We’ve also rounded up some local dishes that are delicious and sometimes perplexing to pronounce:

// Say it, Eat it: Portland menu pronunciation guide


Emilitsa from MaineToday on Vimeo.

[em ee leet sa] | 547 Congress St, Portland
Pronunciation by: John Regas, co-owner

Vignola Cinque Terre from MaineToday on Vimeo.

[vig no lah cheen kweh tehr reh] 0r
[vee-nyoh-lah cheen kweh tehr reh]
10 Dana St, Portland |
Pronunciation by: Keelin Wasley, server

Paciarino from MaineToday on Vimeo.

[pach ah ree no]
470 Fore St, Portland |
Pronunciation by: Gina Margo, front of the house manager


Novare Res Bier Cafe from MaineToday on Vimeo.

[no var ay rez ]
4 Canal Plaza, Portland |
Pronunciation by: Jeff Hodenberg

Schulte & Herr from MaineToday on Vimeo.

[shool tah oond hare]
349 Cumberland Ave, Portland
Pronunciation by: Kerry Anderson, server


Caiola’s Restaurant from MaineToday on Vimeo.

[kay oh lahs]
58 Pine St, Portland |
Pronunciation by: Anna Lombard, server

El Rayo Taqueria from MaineToday on Vimeo.

[el ray oh] or [el rah yo]
101 York St, Portland |
Pronunciation by: Elena McMann, cook