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Leslie Bridgers

After a decade reporting on the news of Portland's suburbs, Leslie is excited to let loose on MaineToday, where the scoops are more ice cream, less scandal -- much like her life. After hours, you can find her reluctantly covering right field for the company softball team, bowling a straight ball at Bayside or wandering down from Munjoy Hill in search of food and drink.

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Posted: June 8, 2018

Food truck guide: 20+ in southern Maine

Written by: Leslie Bridgers

It’s only been a few years since Portland permitted food trucks to sling their varied fare from the city’s streets, but a lot has happened quickly. The fleet has more than doubled, with more than 20 trucks now licensed in the city, and several of the longer-standing ones have done well enough to open full-fledged restaurants. Just as a few food trucks always fall by the wayside, more business owners will start their engines for the first time this spring, ready to take advantage of the business generated by the bustling brewery hubs on Industrial Way and in East Bayside, as well as concerts and events at Thompson’s Point.

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