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Posted: July 24, 2018

Pier Patio Pub is everything you love about OOB

Written by: Susan Cover

The outdoor seating at the Pier Patio Pub in Old Orchard Beach is right over the water and provides spectacular views of the water and beach. Photos by Susan Cover

When you’re sitting at the end of a 600-foot pier on Old Orchard Beach, sipping a fruity cocktail, it’s hard not to have a good time.

Chances are you’ve just spent the morning body surfing and have worked up an appetite. Despite all the water you’ve been drinking to stay hydrated, it’s time for some lunch and something stronger than Poland Spring. And even though you’ve got sand in your shorts, on your flip flops and all over your beach bag, it’s perfectly fine to make your way down the pier to the Pier Patio Pub.

On the way, you’ll pass the caricature artist, the guy making crepes, the T-shirt shop, a chance to buy jewelry and Psychic Readings by Helen, who will give you advice on “love, marriage, business, lucky days and lucky numbers.” Helen says she can “read you like an open book” should you feel inclined to pay her money to do so. You see friends, you’re in Old Orchard Beach, the most un-Maine of Maine cities and towns.

The Pier Patio Pub is at the end of the 600 foot pier with spectacular views of the water and beach.

Word on the street is that once you reach the end of the pier, you can sometimes feel it gently swaying if the ocean is angry that day. On a recent super-hot Sunday, the pier shifted ever so slightly as my companion and I took our seats at a table on the very end and opted to pop up the Shipyard umbrella for a little break from the sun.

Our server was quick with the menus – both food and drink – and we settled on a Pier Hurricane ($10) and a Corona-Rita ($10). The Hurricane featured Mount Gay Black Barrel rum and Rum Haven coconut liqueur and was served in a plastic hurricane souvenir glass. It was coconuty and, with the mixer and various fruit, provided sweet relief from the swelter.

The Pier Hurricane and Corona-Rita at the Pier Patio Pub in Old Orchard Beach.

The Corona-Rita was just as it sounds: a margarita with the cutest little 7-ounce bottle of Corona tipped upside down right in the middle. Once we figured out how to extract the bottle without spilling the entire drink, it proved to be a refreshing combination of light booze and light beer.

For those not up for a cocktail, there’s plenty of beer and wine, as well as Twisted Tea.

There’s all manner of seafood on the menu, with the restaurant making sure diners (read: tourists) know that much of what they offer is local. Oysters, littleneck clams, steamer clams and, of course, lobster is all sourced locally. There’s other stuff on the menu too, including Killer wings at $13.99 for a dozen, turkey club wraps ($11.99) and cheeseburgers with a price that varies depending on what toppings you choose.

The lobster roll at Pier Patio Pub in Old Orchard Beach sells for $19.99.

We went with a lobster roll for $19.99 and a fresh haddock sandwich for $12.99. Both were good and came out of the kitchen very quickly. While finishing our meal, we watched parasailers over the ocean and spied four big fish – we think they were stripers – swimming below as the seagulls hovered above.

As the outside dining area filled up, our fellow diners represented quite a cross-section of the tourists who love OOB: the girls in bikinis, the young men who steal a smooch right after eating lobster, the 20-somethings behind us who tried to hide their cigarettes over the railing when the server walked by.

All of which is to say that this is not the place to go for a quiet Sunday family meal with Grandma. Like Old Orchard Beach itself, it’s crowded, casual and fun.


WHERE: 2 Old Orchard St., Old Orchard Beach
PHONE: (207) 934-3595
HOURS: 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
AMENITIES: Awesome views of the ocean and the beach, plus a dance floor and live music every night at 9:15 p.m.
BOTTOM LINE: The drinks were tasty, if not strong, and the food was reasonably priced.
WHEELCHAIR ACCESS: Yes, but the ramp to get onto the pier is somewhat steep.

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