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  • Spring events: 25+ can’t-miss things to do this spring in Maine

    Spring is for falling in love (awww). But mostly it's about hiking and kite flying and finally being able to drink a beer on an outdoor patio again. Here are a bunch of events happening this Maine Spring 2015. Read on

  • For Portland runners who drink beer: Join Old Port Pub Run for a run followed by beer every Thursday

    "People who run and drink beer tend to be really good people," joked Dillon. And judging by my inaugural run with Dillon and the group, they're a friendly and welcoming sort, too. Read on

  • Get in, float, relax: Try out a floatation tank with Float Maine in Portland’s West End

    At first, there was nothing to see and nothing to hear except the beating of my own heart, which had the same tuh-tunk rhythm of a passing freight train. I wondered how something that sounded so loud right now could go unheard most of the time. Read on

  • Portland’s getting a curling club: Pine Tree Curling Club hosting learn to curl sessions in March and April

    The Pine Tree Curling Club is a just-forming club that will have a home at Portland’s Ice Arena on Park Avenue. The club is also hosting learn to curl sessions in March and April. Read on

  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby): A new parent and baby mingle at Little Tap House

    New parents can come with with baby in tow, socialize, have a beer, meet other new parents and not have to worry about the stink eye coming from every table within a 15-foot radius. Read on

  • Tough Mudder is coming back to Westbrook Sept. 26 and 27, this time with tear gas

    The event is coming back to Westbrook on September 26 and 27. The more than 10-mile course will feature new obstacles, too, like the tear gas obstacle known as "Cry Baby," which we told you about last week. Read on

  • Learn a circus art: Classes now open for aerials, acrobatics & more at Circus Conservatory

    That means you - yes, you - can take a course in aerials, partner acrobatics or general circus. You can try your hand at handstand fundamentals or Chinese pole, among other courses. Read on

  • The best places to nerd out and play games in Southern Maine – pinball or Halo, start your thumb stretches now

    I nominate Portland, Maine as the nerdiest city in America. The benefit: Lots of places to play games with friends. Read on

  • Cheap cheep: Become a birder with Thursday morning hikes in Falmouth

    It's a blackbird! It's a plover! No, it's a ... wait, what is that? Read on

  • Bingo in South Portland: cheap weekday fun

    If you're looking for something a little off-beat, new and fun to try I'd highly recommend giving bingo a whirl. Bingo is its own world with its own language, etiquette and rulesets. But if you can bring a friend, a troll doll and a sense of humor you'll be fine. Read on

  • First look at Get Air trampoline park in Portland: Video of the dodgeball room, foam pits and more

    The new trampoline park is really fun. Here's a tour, photos, highlight and what you should know if you're thinking of going. Also there's a flip fails compilation. Read on

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