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  • An adventurous day in Freeport: 12 fun things to see and do at Christmastime in this historic village shopping mecca

    There are dozen different ways to enjoy a fun day in Freeport at holiday time, and believe it or not, not all involve shopping. Read on

  • Drink in the cold: 6 Ice Bars in 2015 for cocktails and revelry in a frigid Maine winter

    Think bars made of ice, martini luges and beers cupped in mittened hands. Plus complimentary grub. And if things get too chilly outside - and you're not in the mood to fight a stranger for space closer to the outdoor heater - you can head inside to warm up and hang out. Read on

  • 14+ can’t-miss winter events in Maine (most of which are in the snow!)

    The cold season can ice our spirits and bury our good natures under a half-ton of ash-colored slush. But we can break free from winter's frigid clutches with a little help from a toboggan, an ice bar, and a few well-placed snowballs. The key is strategy. We need a wintry plan of attack. For, like the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of February shock therapy." Here are a few options for staving off winter psychosis: Read on

  • See the lights! Take a self-guided walking tour of downtown Portland’s stunning holiday lights

    Many of the lighting displays, including more than 100 lighted sculptures on trees, light poles and buildings are the work of Portland artist Pandora LaCasse Read on

  • Cheap cheep: Become a birder with Thursday morning hikes in Falmouth

    It's a blackbird! It's a plover! No, it's a ... wait, what is that? Read on

  • Maine’s hidden secrets #003: Five Islands Lobster Co.

    If you drive out to Georgetown during the operational summer months, you'll be another face in the crowd admiring the coastal scenery and enjoying fresh, buttery lobster tails. If you drive out during December, you'll be the only one there (and slightly cold), BUT it's worth it! Read on

  • Bingo in South Portland: cheap weekday fun

    If you're looking for something a little off-beat, new and fun to try I'd highly recommend giving bingo a whirl. Bingo is its own world with its own language, etiquette and rulesets. But if you can bring a friend, a troll doll and a sense of humor you'll be fine. Read on

  • First look at Get Air trampoline park in Portland: Video of the dodgeball room, foam pits and more

    The new trampoline park is really fun. Here's a tour, photos, highlight and what you should know if you're thinking of going. Also there's a flip fails compilation. Read on

  • A close-to-shore island adventure in Harpswell

    The colors of fall or quick to come and fast to change. Get outdoors in the next few days before winds blow the beautiful leaves off the trees. This island adventure is in your backyard. Read on

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