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Posted: February 3, 2014

Weather or not: Snowman Adventure Race & Maine Loves Movies in Portland

Written by: Shannon Bryan

Will it snow? Will it blizzard? Will there be a streak of 50-degree weather that melts every memory of winter and makes us take to the streets in long-forgotten windbreakers?

It’s hard to tell what weekend winter weather is going to look like. Local meteorologists do a fine forecasting job, but in the end, Mother Nature calls the shots. And boy does she like to mess with us. We can’t really blame her: She’s got to pass the time somehow, and it’s hard to make things grow this time of year.

What we can do is plan for whatever Mother Nature might throw at us. So we’ve picked out two weekend events: One if it snows, one if it doesn’t. Because, Doppler Radar aside, you just never know. Even better, these events happen on different days, so you could even do them both if you wanted.

Weeeeee! The Snowman Adventure Race relies on good sledding snow. So pray for it! Press Herald file photo


11 am Saturday | Eastern Prom, Portland | $40 men’s duo, $40 women’s duo, $40 co-ed duo, $40 adult/child, $30 junior duo |

Let there be snow! The Snowman Adventure Race is a two-person relay that takes place on and around Portland’s East End hill. One person tackles the bike ride around Back Cove and the other takes care of the run along a portion of the Eastern Prom Trail and back up Fore Street. Both have the pleasure of sledding together to the finish. And each leg of the race starts with a sled ride down the East End hill, which means snow is sort of essential. But even if Mother Nature decides to withhold the snow, the event will go on (in some form or another).

Still, it’s not a snowman adventure without the powder, so start bribing Mother Nature now. And to add to the sled entertainment, teams are also encouraged to dress in costumes and come up with snappy team names like “Better Off Sled” or “Team Rosebud.”

The race is open to men’s, women’s, and co-ed duos, as well as adult/child duos, should you and your progeny decide to go for sledding gold. And there’s a youth division, too, should your progeny decide to go for gold without you.

Registration is available online in advance or the day of the race from 9-10:30 a.m. (registering the day of the race will cost $10 more per person ) and race proceeds benefit The Portland Gear Hub.

And after all the sprinting, riding, and sledding has come to an add, participants will head over to nearby Rising Tide Brewery for awards and an after party.

So, like we said, let there be snow!

Aw, rom com! Just to be clear, Maine Loves Movies won’t be all romantic comedies and romance. But there might be some. It is nearly Valentine’s Day, after all! “He’s Just Not That Into You” film still


1-3 pm Sunday | Borealis Bakery & Bistro, 182 Ocean Ave., Portland | Free |
Movie fans unite, regardless of the weather! Maine Loves Movies is a gameshow event for lovers of the big screen. The local event was inspired by the Doug Loves Movies podcast, in which comedian Doug Benson (of “Super High Me” fame) crack wise and talk about movies. And since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, movie topics just might lean towards the romantic. The event, which was held once before back in November, includes three rounds of games, including Who Said It? and The IMDB Game. Jen Boggs, who created the event with Glenn Gilman, said each round ends with the Leonard Maltin Game, “which is like Name That Tune but with movie titles and actors instead of song titles and notes.”

Three people participate in each round – competing against each other for prizes and audience adoration, but Boggs notes that there’s plenty of fun to be had in the audience, too. There’s plenty of audience participation and chances to take home prizes (like movie tickets, Little Lad popcorn, DVDs, food, books about movies, and other movie-centric goodies from Jet Video) without getting up in front of everyone (in case you’re a humble film genius).

And while film fanatics will certainly have an upper hand, Boggs says even the causual movie watcher will still have a good time. Also, it doesn’t matter what Mother Nature is doing outside, because this event is held inside Borealis Bakery, where there will be coffee, pizza, sandwiches, beer and wine, regardless of the weather.

Participating in Maine Loves Movies is completely free (you’ll have to cover your own food and drink, of course) and if you can’t make this Maine Loves Movies event, there’s likely to be another in the future. For more information, email Jen Boggs at

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