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Posted: January 22, 2014

Know your dog’s innermost thoughts: Animal Communicator Sara Moore at Planet Dog

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The nice thing about dogs is, they’re pretty easy to read. If the tail is wagging: Dog happy. If you can hear a food dish being pushed around the kitchen: Dog hungry. If there’s an incessant scratching at the door: Dog needs to go and/or dog sees a small animal outside and would like to apprehend it.

But what about your dog’s innermost thoughts and dreams? Does your Dachshund long for tacos every night? Does your Shepherd daydream about going to culinary school (if only you’d help fill out the paperwork!)? Do your border collie mixes really just want to take a crack at driving the tractor? (Also, bunk beds would be rad.)

During Planet Dog‘s Yappy Hour on Jan 23, you just might get to learn about what your dog really thinks about. Sara Moore, a reiki master and animal communicator from New Hampshire, will be in the store offering 10-minute personalized readings. Owners an ask specific questions, learn more about a pet’s likes and dislikes, fears, and other stuff. And if your pet can’t make the trip, Sara can do a reading with your pet’s photo. A $15 donated is suggested to help support the Planet Dog Foundation, and free snacks for people and pets will be served.

So bring your dog by. You might be surprised by what you find out about Odie’s fascination with deep-sea diving.

Planet Dog Yappy Hour

6-8 pm Jan 23 at The Planet Dog Company Store, Portland

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