Saturday April 19th 2014


¬†Using “the passport” might help you solve the Corn Maze at Pumpkin Valley Farm, but you might want to keep your cell phone handy anyway, just in case you need to phone emergency services to get yourself choppered out of there.
This corn maze takes over a whopping six acres – that’s plenty of room to get lost in…and maybe have a life-altering panic attack. But don’t let the fear of never making it out alive deter you. The corn maze closes for the season this weekend. Then you corn mazing options are over.
Open 10 am- 6pm Sat & Sun
$8 per person
The farm is open weekends from Sept 15 – Oct 28
  • Pumpkin Valley Farm Union Falls Road Dayton, ME 04005 Get Directions

    Tackle the corn labyrinth with only a few clues – and your own husky intuition – to guide you. The corn maze is solvable, though it’s rumored some maze-goers went in and never came out. Mwuhahaha.