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Posted: March 13, 2018

Beer Bracket 2018

Written by: Staff Reports

It’s time again for the MaineToday Beer Bracket, when 64 of Maine’s best craft beers compete to be crowned the state’s top brew. This year, the list of beers will be broken down into four divisions: Light Beers, IPAs, Stouts/Porters and Wild Cards. The first round of voting begins on March 8, followed by Round 2 on March 13, Round 3 on March 16 and Round 4 on March 21. On March 26, we will announce the winners of the four categories, which will then compete against each other live on March 28 at an event at Portland House of Music, where everyone is welcome to come taste the beers and vote for their favorite.

So, as you’re visiting the state’s bars and tasting rooms over the next few weeks, start taking notes, then come back here to cast your vote!

Round 1 voting has closed: View round 1 results!
Round 2 voting has closed: View round 2 results!
Round 3 voting has closed: View round 3 results!



Voting ends Monday, March 26st at noon.

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