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Rhon Bell

Rhon Bell, an outdoor enthusiast, spends his time exploring the Maine Woods and documenting his journeys. Growing up in Aroostook County, he embraced the outdoor lifestyle at a young age. Living today near Portland, he spends weekends and week-long adventures hiking New England summits, canoeing the historic Maine waterways, and ice fishing for lake trout. Follow the journey as Window to the Woods discovers new destinations, and check out his other blog, Backwoods Plaid.

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Posted: July 31, 2014

Save a rainy weekend, go camping in Rangeley

Written by: Rhon Bell

Rain showers have been seemingly sporadic lately. A solid forecast of sunshine soon lends its hand to an occasional downpour. For some, this makes it difficult to plan a weekend outing. I hate thinking the warmest days of summer are slipping away, but even with showers in the forecast – we still need to get outside and enjoy the wilderness. In two or three short months, as we’re huddled around the fireplace, or opening our wallet for the oil man, we’ll think back on these wasted weekends. With that in mind, I pack a quality tarp, a tent with a screen room and head for one of my favorite campsites in Rangeley – Cupsuptic Lake Campground. As daylight soon begins peeling from Friday’s evening sky, I know blue skies will soon turn grey. I stretch my legs out comfortably beneath the tent’s sheltered screen room, lie back on the grass and stare up at the sky, with piece of mind – ready to enjoy an amazing weekend in God’s Country.





Positioning the tent and tarp close to the fire pit ensures we’re able to have a light flame and cook for the full outdoor experience. Moderate rain sets in over the weekend, white smoke billowing from finely cut kindling into the afternoon air.  Rain jackets let us explore the local logging roads for wildlife and wild strawberries growing in groves along the dusty back roads. As the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather – wait a minute. The rain clears momentarily, allowing us to strip off our waterproof layers and hop into a small stream to refresh and cool off as the sun begins to show from behind a clearing sky.


food tent

Whether you work for the weekend or not, each one of them is meant for trading in endless streams of traffic for the uninterrupted serenity and silent sounds of rustling needles from tall pines and the waters of quiet streams. It’s even an enjoyable weekend and instant sigh of relief to simply lay inside your tent’s screen room for a quick snooze in the afternoon warmth. That is until, your forehead is swiped by your dog’s cold wet tongue…


RECOMMENDED CAMPSITES: Wilderness site #12 (a walk from a small, beautiful waterfall) and Site #2 (1 mile from another tenting site and nearby a small stream); both located on a dirt road opposite the main campground.

COST: $22/night


wood grass




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