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Smart Spending with mfulton
Posted: December 3, 2012

Romance Killer? Is it okay to use a coupon on a date?

Good Morning & Happy Monday to you! December is here and love is in there air, isn’t? I thought this week I’d do a series on dating on a budget. Whether you are single & dating or happily hitched, there’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of money trying to impress someone! But before we get into the fine details of exactly HOW to save money on a date, I wanted your opinion on whether you think it’s appropriate to even use a coupon on a date?

What would you do if at the end of a date (let’s assume it went well) that he/she whipped out a coupon along with the payment. What would you do? Die of embarrassment or applaud him/her for being frugal?

Share your thoughts in the comments section of this blog!

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