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Smart Spending with mfulton
Posted: November 16, 2012

How To Save Money at Target Day #5 – Rock the Clearance Section!

Good evening! It’s Friday night and while most of you kids are out bar hopping, I’ve decided to finish up the How to Save Money at Target series, just in time for you pretty little faces to wake up tomorrow morning and do some Target shopping!

If you are just tuning into this series…here’s what you missed:

Day 1: Printable Coupons
Day 2: Mobile Coupons
Day 3: Gift Card Promotions
Day 4: Get the Target Red Card & Save 5% everyday

Shopping the clearance section of any store can be like a strategic treasure hunt! However, there are a few secrets that you should know if you are going to rock the Target clearance section.

1. Check out the number in the right hand corner

The small number located in the top right corner is the amount that the item is discounted. For example, 30, 50 or 70. So if you see a sticker with a 15 in the right corner, you may want to wait to see if it becomes discounted even further.

2. Pay special attention to the price because:

If the price ends in an ‘8’ it will be marked down again.
If the price ends in a ‘4’ it will NOT be marked down again.

3. Target Markdown Schedule:

Monday: Kids’, Clothing, Office Supplies, Gift Wrap, Electronics
Tuesday: Women’s Clothing & Domestic
Wednesday: Men’s Clothing, Toys, Health & Beauty
Thursday: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares
Friday: Cosmetics

4. Check the Endcaps

Target usually puts their clearance items on the endcaps (end of aisle) for health & beauty, toys & shoes.

T’is the end of this series, I hope you know have the knowledge and confidence to whip out those, printable & mobile coupons at the checkout, while purchasing a gift card deal and clearance items, all of which you are paying with your RedCard!

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