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Smart Spending with mfulton
Posted: October 25, 2012

How I Got an Entire Year's Worth of Body Wash for FREE!

I’m a little embarrassed to show this picture to you, because I know what you are thinking…HOARDER! Trust me, I’m not…at least I’m not willing to openly admit that I am yet. Yes, I am one of those extreme couponers who does keep a stockpile. But I have a very good reason to stockpile and I’m hoping to explain it to you right now. Now bear with me, because it’s gonna take a little math to explain the method to my madness.

Before I started couponing, I went to the grocery store every week and bought the same items whether they were on sale or not. (P.S. If you don’t already know…that’s a really stupid way to shop). The key to smart spending is to buy multiples of the items you use the most when they are on sale. I didn’t understand this concept until I began couponing and now I feel bad for making fun of my late grandfather for coming home with 20 cans of Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee because he ‘got a deal’. I totally get it now and wish I could go back and learn more from him. But clearly, I digress.

I’m going to use body wash as an example, because we all use body wash, some of you may use fragrance free, all-natural, or some new age astronaut soap..but the truth is we all need to wash our bodies. Here it goes. Last year I was able to score an entire’s year worth of body wash for absolutely FREE! How? By waiting for the right sale, having lots of coupons & pouncing on a deal like a kitten on a spider. Meow!

One of the local stores had a new brand of body wash on sale for $3.00 a bottle. It just so happened that the manufacturer released a $3.00 off coupon in the Sunday Coupon insert. Now for those of you who are still following my math…when you use a $3.00 coupon on a $3.00 get it for FREE! So I got my hands on some extra coupons (20 to be exact) and I walked right into the store and bought 20 body washes for FREE. I put them in my stockpile for future use..and voila, I had a year’s worth of body wash for FREE.

Before I started couponing, I would’ve gladly handed over my hard earned money at full retail price for body wash, because it’s an item I needed. Here’s a word to the wise, if you wait until you run out of something to buy are screwing yourself over…big time!

How to Get Started:
1. Make a list of the items you use most frequently
2. Start monitoring the sales at your local stores
3. Start collecting coupons from the Sunday paper or printables (Here’s a list of over 100 sites to print coupons from)
4. When you find a deal you can’t resist, buy as many as you have coupons for and begin your stockpile.

Now….if you can just imagine doing this for every single product you use: shampoo, razors, hand soap, shaving cream, lotion, you can see how this method racks up major savings…savings that you can put towards something big like a house or something small like a fancy dinner out with your honey. Plus, in the event that the world really does end this year…you’ll have the freshest smelling body!

Bonus Tip: You should never pay for Toothpaste! Here’s how you can score 4 FREE tubes of Colgate Toothpaste this weekend!

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