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Karen Beaudoin is a life-long Mainer, which means she’s a fan of the Red Sox (World Champs again! Take that Yankee fans), whoopee pies, Ogunquit Beach, the L.L. Bean boot mobile and vacations in tropical locations in February and March. Ninety-eight percent of her work week is spent as web editor for; during the remaining “fun” percent she contributes to

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Pedal On with Karen Beaudoin
Posted: March 20, 2014

Bicycle Coalition's bike/ped map can help get Maine safe riding advocates involved

Anyone who’s pedaled their way down Congress or Commercial streets knows first-hand that navigating the busy roadways of Portland is a challenging task. But when swerving your cycle around a suddenly open door or avoiding a less-than-courteous driver, remember that there are plenty of cycling advocates pushing to make sure it’s the last time you’ll have to do either of those things.

The Bicycle Coalition of Maine today shared a terrific tool for those who want to make sure every one is safe on the state’s roadways. Check out a map of more than 50 biking/pedestrian safety groups across the state. There’s also a list version of the groups with contact information.

Portland has two groups: The Portland Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, led by Jennifer Claster; and the Greater Portland Chapter – New England Mountain Bike Association, headed by Jim Tasse.

Look either of them up and get involved, or use the BCM’s info to find a group in your town. It’s the best way to help make cycling safer for everyone.

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