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Sharon Kitchens is a neo-homesteader learning the ins and outs of country living by luck and pluck and a lot of expert advice. She writes about bees for The Huffington Post and stuff she loves on her personal blog, When she is not writing, she enjoys edible gardening, reading books on food and/or thinking about food, hanging out by her beehives and patiently tracking down her chickens in the woods behind her old farmhouse. In her blog, Sharon profiles farm families, reports on farm-based education and internships, conducts Q&A's with master beekeepers, offers tips on picking a CSA, and much more. Sharon can be contacted at or on Twitter @deliciousmusing.

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The Root with Sharon Kitchens
Posted: October 2, 2014

What I’m looking forward to reading, and cooking, this fall

This past week, when I dragged the boxes of cold weather clothes out of the closet and pulled on one of my favorite oversized sweatshirts, I decided to make some tea. There is something about fall that makes me want to drink ship loads of tea. Oh sure, I’ll still take a cup of coffee, but tea has this exotic warmth to it. Tea is especially kind and nurturing when the winds kick up and the air a bit more moist.

When I drink tea, I want it with a snack – say a handful of nuts or a piece of toast with some of that homemade raspberry jam sitting longingly on the top shelf of the fridge. That gets me through the afternoon until I have an avocado and egg sandwich or a bowl of fish chowder as my end of the day comfort food.

During the fall I cook more than any other time of year. It’s a treat to be in the kitchen surrounded by yummy ingredients and a warm stove. I live in an old house with small rooms, so the kitchen is both cozy and challenging. Depending on what I’m making , meal preparation can spill out into the dining room where I have a table worthy of large cutting boards and floury messes.

Right now, my dining room table has several books piled on it. That’s never uncommon in this household. When deciding what to cook I just pull cookbooks off the shelf and in turning the pages discover or rediscover recipes. Tanya Holland’s Brown Sugar Kitchen cookbook has a hold of me right now. It’s all about soul food and that is what I need right now. Yesterday I made her sticky buns and sweet potato-kale hash. The latter called for the last bit of parsley I would harvest from out back.

Following are the cookbooks I am really into right now, and one book that’s all about women in whiskey. That’s another thing I’m getting more into – and thanks much to fall (and the wise minds behind the counter at the Portland Hunt & Alpine Club) – whiskey!

Fall reads and cookbooks

Fall reads and cookbooks

Maine Home Cooking by Sandy Oliver

Desserted by Kate Shaffer of Black Dinah Chocolatiers

Pomegranates and Roses: My Persian Family Recipes by Ariana Bundy

Brown Sugar Kitchen: New-Style, Down-Home Recipes from Sweet West Oakland (!!) by Tanya Holland

Tessa Kiros: The Recipe Collection by Tessa Kiros

Whiskey Women: The Untold Story of How Women Saved Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish Whiskey by Fred Minnick

**Craving Heritage by Sean Brock – due on shelves the end of October

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