Thursday April 17th 2014


Art Spotting

Art Spotting is all about the diverse art scene in Maine. From dynamic local artists to world-class masters, Maine's galleries and museums are filled with feasts for the eyes, and the mind. Follow Art Spotting to keep up with new exhibitions, learn about local artists, and discover another side of Maine.

Broke 207

Allie Munier started writing Broke207 in 2009 as a way to help herself rein in her finances and chip away at unruly student loan debt. 3+ years of couponing, thrifting, and swapping her way around the state later, she has slightly less student loan debt, and a completely unexpected enthusiasm for writing. She's still ridiculously cheap, but these days you'll find her writing about everything from Batman to glitter tampons. She resides in Portland with her canine life partner Kazuki, and her ever growing collection of vintage melamine sugar bowls and 50s era nurse fiction.

Fore Front Fashion

Founded in July 2010, Laura Serino, new to the Portland area, began seeking out the fashion scene in Portland. Much to her dismay, there were few resources for the fashion-focused in Maine, so the idea for Fore Front began to take shape. A longtime reader of street style blogs, and inspired by the personal style she was viewing in town, she took to the streets to start photographing the individual style of Maine residents.

In Focus

Exercising his unbridled curiosity for all things Maine, Doug shares his Maine experiences in these short (less than 3 minutes) audio-visual stories.

Newz by The Nunz

Plug into Maine’s music scene with Newz by The Nunz the only daily music blog that brings you tasty local music news nuggets from all around our great seaside state. Each and every day The Nunz will put you in the know of exactly where the party will be by keeping you up to date with the coolest live music shows in Maine and New Hampshire. Newz by The Nunz isn’t your typical listing, The Nunz lets you know just what to expect from one show to the next. So hike up your Party Pants and get ready to have some fun courtesy of Maine’s vibrant music scene.

Out Going

Things to do in Maine, investigated personally and described by Shannon Bryan with only slight amounts of exaggeration, digression, and references to ostraconophobia.

Pedal On

Events, advice, and bike-related goings on for Maine cyclists, mountain bikers, road riders, and bike commuters. And anyone else who loves a bike.

Smart Spending

‪Want to save more money than you spend this month? Well stick around here, because Chrystie Vachon is our no-nonsense smart spending expert who's main goal is to help you keep more cash in your pocket! Want to know where the best deal on chicken is this week? Or if it's okay to use a coupon on a first date? Chrystie will tackle all of these topics, including the money questions you were too embarrassed to talk about in Maine Today's SmartSpending Blog.‬


Alicia Fuhrman is new to Maine and Maine is new to her. Follow her city exploration through "Snapshots", where every post will feature a five picture series of otherwise overlooked or unnoticed Portland-area observations. Each series will will be thematically linked—found notes, aging objects, decrepit bikes, ocean vs. city gulls, and more.

Social Social

Social media has changed the way that many of us learn, purchase, interact and explore the world around us. And, things are just getting started. Social, Social is a place to discuss social media with people from all walks of life. No experts allowed.

The Golden Dish

John Golden has written about food, dining and lifestyle subjects for Downeast magazine, the Boston Globe, Cottages and Gardens magazine, Gourmet magazine, Cuisine magazine, the New York Times and the New York Post. In his highly opinionated blog, John reports on his experiences dining out all over Maine and his visits with food personalities, farmers and farmers’ markets throughout the state.

The Root

Sharon Kitchens is a neo-homesteader learning the ins and outs of country living by luck and pluck and a lot of expert advice. She writes about bees for The Huffington Post and stuff she loves on her personal blog,

Who I Met

Greta started her blog, “Who I Met," as a way to begin juicy conversations with interesting people she meets. The blog has migrated with her from Montana, Europe, and, finally, to her new and dearly-loved home in Maine.