Wednesday April 16th 2014

5 Questions With...

Mary Allen Lindemann


How did you get here?

My family came here on a family vacation in 1971 I believe it was. My father had friends who owned summer homes on Great Chebeague Island and so my parents and all 5 kids came for this Island in Maine experience. At the time, the Chebeague Island Inn was not the wonderful Inn it is today so there are many "survival" stories of our adventures as 5 kids from Connecticut learned about Island living during what was to have been one week. Unbeknownst to my siblings as well as myself, my parents ended up at an auction and became the new owners of an old Sea Captain's House which was the beginning of a love affair with the State and many fond memories of Chebeague.

Describe your Maine in three words:

Resilient. Self-reliant. Compassionate.

If you had just 24 hours left in Maine, what would you do?

I would run around Portland restaurants gathering my favorite desserts, breads, cheeses, cocktails and of course, CBD coffee and place them in a picnic basket for a wonderful last meal & celebration with my daughter, Alina, and husband/partner in business and life, Alan, on Willard Beach.

Is there anything about Maine you’d change?

I would empower the entire state to know just how good we really can be. We have the talent and work ethic to be #1 in the nation.

What makes a true Mainer?

A true Mainer is someone who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. You can do just about anything you set your mind to do.