Thursday April 24th 2014

5 Questions With...

Holly Nunan


How did you get here?

I’m a Mainah through and through. My mum’s from Wells, my dad is from Saco, so I spent a lot of time kicking it in southern Maine. I went to college in Vermont, which surprisingly isn’t that different from Maine and once I returned home I packed my bags and headed for the big city – Portland. I’ve been making an arse of myself all around this town ever since.

Describe your Maine in three words...

Majestic, musical and changing.

If you had just 24 hours left in Maine, what would you do?

I’d like to say that I’d hike Mount Katahdin or
something totally inspiring, but I’d probably rent a car, go up to Rangeley for a bit, bowl at Moose Alley, come back down south, paddle boat around Mirror Lake in West Newfield (where I grew up), eat some Pier Fries in OOB and hang out on the beach at Bayview until my time was up.

Is there anything about Maine you’d change?

The winters because even though I’ve experienced almost three decades of Maine winters, they’re still always too long and too cold.

What makes a true Mainer?

A true Mainer loves Red Snappers, jorts and their Bean boots, bub.