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  • Breakfast Cook-Off, Snow Day, Elements Anniversary & Pancake Races! 12 things to do in Maine this weekend

    So how about this winter, amiright? I know something that'll take your mind off frigid winds and ice dams: Breakfast. Lots and lots of breakfast. Maine Restaurant Week kicks off with the Incredible Breakfast Cook-Off on Friday morning. Sign up for Tuesday's Pancake Race, too. Elements is celebrating it's two-year anniversary with lots and lots of beer. It's Snow Day at Well Reserve and Winterfest at Black Mountain. Read on

  • STRIVE Rocks Dance Marathon 2015: Shake it up March 7-8 at the Maine Mall

    You'll dance. You'll do something good. The STRIVE Rocks Dance Marathon raises funds for STRIVE, a locals program that helps young adults with disabilities grow their academic skills, social skills, leadership potential, work skills, and more. And make lifelong friends while they're at it. Read on

  • ‘The Whipping Man’ tells a haunting Civil War story about slavery, race and freedom

    The story is layered and nuanced, with one revelation after another – about the relationships between the master and his slaves and the fate of Simon's wife and daughter. Director Jade King Carroll called the play "haunting." Read on

  • Lyric’s ‘How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ a worthwhile serving of theater

    The show may be a bit politically incorrect and definitely pre-feminist, but its world is not so far removed from today that it can't still bring laughs of recognition to go along with the pleasures of experiencing all the great song and dance numbers. Read on

  • Guitar like you’ve never seen it: Kaki King with Lisa/Liza at SPACE on Saturday

    Acclaimed musician Kaki King will present her ground-breaking multimedia show, 'The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body,' at SPACE on Saturday. Read on

  • Apple Dapple Pie is a dazzling wintertime dessert

    An unusual dessert from an old cookbook — a kind of apple and nut coffee cake wrapped up in pastry and served as a pie. Read on

  • Get in, float, relax: Try out a floatation tank with Float Maine in Portland’s West End

    At first, there was nothing to see and nothing to hear except the beating of my own heart, which had the same tuh-tunk rhythm of a passing freight train. I wondered how something that sounded so loud right now could go unheard most of the time. Read on

  • How do you say it? A Portland Restaurant Pronunciation Guide for some hard-to-say places

    We love the restaurants on this list for many reasons, but we also know we've mispronounced them in the past. Here's the right way to say some of Portland's dining spots, pronounced by the people who know them best: Read on

  • Can modern disillusionment can be traced to one single night? Watch ‘1971’ at SPACE Gallery

    The film, in the hands of director Johanna Hamilton, uses present-day interviews, news footage, and reenactments to craft a brisk, suitably tense tale of the power and pitfalls of youthful idealism. Read on

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