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Things to do This week

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  • Restaurant Preview: Ebb & Flow opening soon on Commercial Street in Portland — plus a peek at the menu

    With a Mediterranean (ish) menu, lightened-up decor and an experienced, personable staff, Ebb & Flow aims to be the restaurant that finally settles in for the long run at 100 Commercial St. Read on

  • mainetoday

    Halloween Guide!

    Halloween parties, haunted houses and plenty of live music on Oct. 31. Plus Maine-centric Halloween costume ideas (that are easy to make) and Halloween cocktails (that are easy to drink). All things Halloween right here. Read on

  • Snacktime: Arrows becoming The Velveteen Habit, Maine Pie Line closing and more

    If you had your heart set on Halverson Humble Pie for Thanksgiving, you'll have to make it yourself: Maine Pie Line closes up shop on Nov. 8. Read on

  • Contemporary chamber music in one of Portland’s hippest settings: Portland Chamber Music Festival at SPACE

    "It's profound and groovy music, presented in Portland's hippest concert venue, performed by some crazy-awesome musicians," said violist Ralph Farris Read on

  • Holy mutt-trimony and a splashing good time at The Colony Hotel’s Dog-Lover Weekend

    The 11th Annual Colony Hotel's Dog Lover's Weekend was like falling down a rabbit hole and finding yourself in a furry wonderland. It might sound a bit barking mad but we celebrated holy mutt-trimony, ate with our dogs in the formal dining room and then turned the heated pool into a wagging aquarium. I have the story and photos to prove it - a whole pupparazzi slideshow that will make you want to wag along next year. Read on

  • Generous portions & plenty of people watching at new Golden Lotus Restaurant in Portland

    The Golden Lotus menu is bursting at the seams with many noodle soups, seafood, fried rice and chicken, beef and pork options. There's also plenty of dim sum type dishes available on the menu. Read on

  • Halloween, pumpkin smashing, Brewers Fest & Portland Beer Week: 12 things to do in Maine this weekend

    There are Halloween parties galore all over the state plus some scary silent films for folks who like to freak out quietly. And Saturday, when Halloween is just a candy-coated memory, head to Dayton for some old fashioned pumpkin smashing. This weekend also marks the start of Portland Beer Week. Read on

  • The Newsroom Sessions: Zeile August

    Singer-songwriter Zeile August celebrates the release of her CD “Monocaine” with a November 5 show at One Longfellow Square with Meghan Yates and The Reverie Machine. Read on

  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Portland to feature great menu of environmental and adventure films

    The 7th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival is coming on Saturday, November 8th at 4:00 pm at USM's Abromson Center in Portland, and will feature a great menu of nine fun, inspiring and heart-thumping environmental and outdoor adventure films. Read on

  • “Freshman Class” of breweries featured Sunday

    A new Portland Beer Week event showcases new breweries in a fast-paced "Freshman Orientation" format. Read on

  • We ALL have a dark side: Go ahead, face your terrible thoughts this Halloween

    It’s when we deny or repress troubling internal impulses that they break through unexpectedly in angry outbursts, violent nightmares, relentless obsessions, or worse. Read on

  • Under-the-radar horrors from the last year can liven up your at-home Halloween movie marathon

    While the studios toss a few horror flicks onto the big screen every year, they're traditionally a disappointment (although the adaptation of Joe Hill's "Horns" looks promising this time around), so those in the know book their own Halloween fright fests. Read on

  • Talking natural beauty with Nancy Tozier

    I'm pretty paranoid about what goes on my face. I went to expert Nancy Tozier of Faces from Nature to answer my big questions about mineral makeup, pimples and anti-aging miracles. Read on

  • Self-serve beer wall & red Solo cups (let’s not forget the tire swings) at Bonfire Country Bar in Portland

    Bonfire Country Bar is the first of its kind in many respects, but more specifically, the first self-serve bar in Maine. The music is loud, the TVs are plentiful, and the crowd is wild and ready to party. Read on

  • Frankie Valli still loves touring: Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons perform at Bangor’s Cross Insurance Center Saturday

    The 80-year-old singer's career is still going strong, thanks in part to the success of the musical "Jersey Boys" and the film of it that came out this year. Read on

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