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  • Hear the healing sounds of Weyes Blood at SPACE on Saturday

    Catch her and Little Wings at SPACE and Sunrunner at Empire, for something a bit more heavy. Read on

  • Eat here now (before it’s too late!): Seasonal Maine restaurants & bars that won’t be open forever

    Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days when we can eat at Maine's seasonal restaurants before they close up for the winter. And no one wants to spend Maine’s frigid months regretting what they didn’t eat last summer. So let's not let the season pass us by. Read on

  • Winner! Maine’s Greatest Happy Hour: OTTO!

    Congrats to OTTO Pizza, winner of the Maine's Greatest Happy Hour bracket! Here's what the original nomination said: "$5 beer/wine gets you a free slice! The only thing better than OTTO's pizza is free OTTO's pizza." Read on

  • ‘Turbo Kid’ is a strange, fun ride. On a BMX bike. With a laser glove.

    "Turbo Kid" should give you just the sort of gory, post-apocalyptic comedy thrills you're looking for – especially if you're a fan of early Peter Jackson movies like "Bad Taste" or "Dead Alive." Read on

  • 13 Fun Meetups in/around Portland: Meet new people who like doing what you like doing!

    The best way to meet people who you're likely to like is to do stuff you like to do. And thanks to the internet and sites like, finding groups of people who like doing what you like doing is easy. Read on

  • mainetoday

    Photos: Maine Seaweed Festival in South Portland

    Maine Seaweed Festival proved it wasn’t a one-hit wonder with a the second year of the one-day festival being a very full day indeed. With cooking demos, hula dancing, art workshops, panel discussions, a seaweed identification beach walk, and food vendors incorporating seaweed, there was something for longtime seaweed lovers and newbies alike. Read on

  • Dining Guide: 5 Portland places to try for breakfast

    You probably already know about the diners and the other usual (and good) suspects for a morning meal in Portland. But if you haven't been to breakfast at these hot spots, put them on your list. Read on

  • 5 kid-friendly hikes with great views in Maine’s western mountains

    The western mountains of Maine offer some great family-friendly hikes with great views as the forest emerges from its winter slumber. Read on

  • Outdoor sculpture tour of the midcoast: 6 pieces you can see in a day trip

    There are many good pieces to see up and down the coast. We've picked six of our favorites that make for a nice day trip, and also suggest other stops along the way to enrich your cultural experience. Read on

  • Maine Mini Adventure: Camp under the stars & hike Cutler Coast (maybe the most beautiful place in Maine)

    I know these are fighting words, but, here it goes: Cutler is the most beautiful place in Maine — specifically the Cutler Coast Public Lands. It could almost be mistaken for the coast of Ireland with its steep, steep rocky drops into azure [albeit freezing] waters. Read on

  • Fine focaccias and lively atmosphere at Lil’s Cafe in Kittery

    Maine's southernmost town has become a favorite of foodies because of its vibrant and eclectic eats scene. There are a lot of interesting choices downtown, and Lil's is among them. Read on

  • 4 mountains you can drive up (plus other scenic spots to enjoy with minimal physical effort!)

    Some hikers shudder at the thought (summits should be hard-earned!) but here's the thing: Not everyone can hike. And not everyone wants to. Read on

  • Ebb & Flow is a dazzling Mediterranean-inspired restaurant & bar in Portland’s Old Port

    Ebb & Flow is a dazzling Mediterranean-inspired restaurant & bar in Portland's Old Port. The bar area can easily seat about 50 people, not including standing room, and the bar itself is designed with plenty of room for patrons to enjoy a full meal, or a few drinks. Read on

  • Banish kid boredom: 20+ things to do with your kids in Maine

    So you've got kids. Whether they belong to you or you're simply entertaining for the day, Maine has countless ways to keep those young ones happy, engaged, entertained...and not driving you crazy saying, "I'm bored." Boredom doesn't belong in Maine. Ever. Read on

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