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  • Home Catering fits the bill in the West End

    Take a quick peek inside to see what's in store. Read on

  • Dining Guide: 12 Maine restaurants for Easter Sunday

    Regardless of the weather, chefs will celebrate the holiday with menus full of spring flavors. Read on

  • ‘Red’ by Portland Stage is fascinating, rewarding

    Like Rothko's work, this play requires some effort from the viewer. But, as with the paintings, the rewards are many. Read on

  • 6 filmmakers who just decided to screw with us

    Movie directors aren't immune to the lure of a good prank, April Fools' Day or not. And while some movies may seem like a joke on all of us (I'm looking at you, "Transformers" and "Atlas Shrugged" franchises), their sucker punches were unintentional. Read on

  • Cushiony combat: Portland Pillow Fight Day in Monument Square Saturday

    Pillows don't make good fighters. A pillow struggles to intimidate - its fluffy demeanor invites an opponent to take a nap rather than take a swing. But these pulpous bedtime peacekeepers can occasionally be rallied for combat. The cushiony kind. Read on

  • Own the pool this spring: Take a synchronized swimming class in Portland

    Portland Recreation is offering an adult synchronized swimming class on Thursday evenings at Riverton pool, starting April 30. Read on

  • Vote here! Maine Beer Madness Tournament: Sweet Sixteen

    The Sweet Sixteen contains some of the best beers I’ve ever had, regardless of what area code they’re brewed in. These beers sing. We’re lucky to live in Maine. Read on

  • Eat a good book: Enter the Edible Book Festival at Portland Public Library April 3

    No one's really going to eat a book (at least, no one's tried yet). The Edible Book Festival invites creative readers/writers/book fans to make a dish that gives a nod to a book title, poem, character or simply has something to do with a book or poem. Read on

  • Six-Moon Journey: Over the AT high point in Georgia, hiker hostel hospitality

    The big hike progresses over the high summit of Blood Mountain and on to the hiker haven at Neels Gap. Read on

  • 10 easy Maine hikes anyone can do: Great views for the casual hiker

    All these hikes are less than 2 miles. They're not difficult, but they are super gratifying. 6 of them are within an hour's drive of Portland. If you're not a hardcore hiker, but want a mountaintop view, here's our picks for you: Read on

  • mainetoday
    Photosvia SEEN

    Photos: Stache Pag @ State Theatre, Portland

    The Stache Pag at the State Theatre was a marvelous sight to behold. The circus performances and magic acts were appetizers for the facial hair competition with categories such as “Castaway” and “The Thigh Tickler." Read on

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