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  • What is Portland drinking? Bier Cellar Top 5

    If you want to know what beers Portland locals are bringing home to drink, you don't have to go any further than to ask Greg Norton, owner of Bier Cellar in Portland. Read on

  • Bluestocking Film Series brings movies where women talk to other women. Sounds easy; it’s not.

    The Bluestocking Film Festival is going to bring Bechdel Test-passing movies to Portland. That means there are two named female characters who talk to each other about something other than men. Sounds easy, but most films fail that test. Read on

  • How to stream movies to your TV with a simple (and super cheap) HDMI cable

    Tired of huddling around the computer to watch a movie or binge-watch your favorite show? Use an HDMI cable to stream to your TV - for less than $10. Read on

  • Maine International Film Festival opens its eclectic 10-day run in Waterville

    Nearly two weeks of local, international and vintage films, all lovingly and challengingly curated to please even the most discerning Maine cinephile. Read on

  • Maine Mini Adventure: Hike, kayak, & lunch like a local in Boothbay

    In this busy, mid-coast town, skip the whale watches and the shopping for a stunning hike, the lobster roll's less-famous cousin, a sea-level view of the harbor and a beer on a boat. Well, at a boat. Read on

  • 3 awesome Maine waterfalls that are worth the drive

    These 3 picturesque beauties (within an afternoon's drive of Portland) should be on everyone's to-do list. Read on

  • 7 dining options Portland seriously needs

    But just before we begin, if you’re wondering why this post is here in the social section, I can explain. I want to harness the very power of the Internet (AKA social media) to help make Portland a foodier paradise. Hopefully this little list will get the discussion going, leading to some real, tangible and delicious changes here in Portland, Maine. Read on

  • mainetoday
    NewsVia Portland Press Herald

    Indoor trampoline park landing in Portland

    Get Air Sports, which has 12 locations in the U.S., wants to open in a warehouse on Riverside Street. Read on

  • Learn to mountain bike: A free women’s beginner group meets weekly near Portland

    "Mountain biking is challenging and humbling. It’s dirty and buggy, and you will likely end up with bloody legs and bruised hips from falling, but somehow you will love it anyway. It’s addicting." (This has a 2-minute GoPro video of biking through Bradbury Mountain - cool). Read on

  • Summer Shakespeare: Free Bard in Deering Oaks to Romeo & Juliet & Zombies in Stonington

    There's plenty of Shakespeare in Maine this summer, from Kennebunk to Portland to Stonington. Much of it is free and outdoors. Read on

  • 5 dog-friendly summer events in southern Maine

    Do you want to get your paws on the pulse of this summer's dog friendly Maine events? There's something special about wagging your tail for a furry good cause, hanging out with fellow dog-lovers and getting the inside woof from the local dog community. Read on

  • Summer drinks at the biggest patio on the beach: The Brunswick, Old Orchard Beach

    With nearly a 500-person capacity, four separate bar areas and live music every night of the week, the Brunswick is where to find the party Friday and Saturday nights after Memorial Day. Read on

  • Gordon Lightfoot performs at Merrill Auditorium tonight

    It’s time again to make the most out of your Monday! There are a lot of cool things going on all around town and beyond tonight, so get out there and show Monday what’s what!  The beginning of your Monday evening is filled with lots of stringed things, foot stomping and overall good times as… Read on

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