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Things to do This week

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  • 11 things to do on Memorial Day Weekend in southern Maine

    Memorial Day can be tough, what with the three-day weekend and all those unavoidable reminders that summer is a-comin'. Actually, Memorial Day weekend is fantastic. It also shouldn't be waster, so save your 48-hour naps for July and plan something deserving of a three-day weekend. Read on

  • And now a word about Music from Job Shadow Extraordinaire Eamon Kelley

    Graduating Cape Elizabeth Senior Eamon Kelley's Thoughts on MUSIC Read on

  • Bare Bard, Birding Festival & Ronnie Earl: 6 things to do in Maine this weekend

    Here's what's super special about this weekend: It's THREE DAYS LONG. For most of us, anyway. For those who don't have Monday off, I'm so sorry. For those who do: hurray for us! And it's supposed to be splendid outside! Read on

  • A walking tour of Portland sculpture: From ‘Michael’ to Longfellow, 8 public pieces worth seeing

    The city's sculpture collection includes many monuments and statues that stand in tribute to prominent figures from the past and a handful of contemporary pieces. Read on

  • Two nights of shows that rule at Empire plus more live music this weekend

    This week's column shines a light not on a kingdom or a dynasty or even a federation. It all happens at Empire. Two nights, two radically different shows, one Portland venue. Read on

  • The Muthah Truckah food truck in Portland serves incredible sandwiches (the Lola is a bacon-jam hit!)

    Dionne has been making the Lola, and other creative sandwiches with feminine names, in her Muthah Truckah food truck since last October. She said the names come from a variety of places, including some from songs. Read on

  • Novare Res Bier Cafe celebrates ‘7 Years of Slingin’ Biers’ with collaboration kegs and merriment

    Since opening its doors in the Old Port in 2008, Novare Res Bier Café has been a leader in Maine's craft beer renaissance. "This party is a love letter to our customers and we just want to say thank you for keeping the lights on for seven years!" Read on

  • Constantly comparing yourself to others and making yourself miserable? (Guilty!)

    As the old saying goes, “to compare is to despair.” When we base our own worth on how well we measure up to those we glorify, and feel relief when the objects of our glorification fall short in some way, happiness is never a constant. Read on

  • Concert Review: Disparate, acoustic-based sets of folk pulled together at SPACE Gallery show

    Centered around the album-release party for Blood Warrior, a side project for O'Death's Greg Jamie, the evening showcased three sets of disparate, acoustic-based acts. Read on

  • Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile’s tour kicks off with sold-out show Friday at State Theatre

    A conversation with Carlile, 33, from her home in Washington state covered the new record and the fact that the tour starts here in Portland. Read on

  • Locally filmed ‘Night of the Living Deb’ premieres in Maine this weekend

    The romantic comedy, directed by Maine native Kyle Rankin, will have screenings at Space Gallery in Portland, Smitty's Cinema in Biddeford, and Frontier in Brunswick Read on

  • 100 films from all over the world at second annual Sanford International Film Festival

    The festival, which runs from May 27-31, has expanded its ambitions along with its number and quality of films and venues, according to festival director James Harmon. Read on

  • Six-Moon Journey: Hot showers at a trail shelter? You bet!

    Wonderful walking in the warm sun over pleasant terrain leads to a unique shelter situation and more trail magic. Read on

  • Mad Men, Mad Fashions: An evening of clothing and cocktails Thursday at Maine Historical Society

    There will be sharp suits, A-line dresses and a host of cool clothes that are usually not on display. And in true Mad Men style, there will be cocktails, too. Read on

  • 10 easy paddles in southern-ish Maine: Calm waters to explore by kayak, canoe or SUP

    You don’t have to have be an expert paddler to explore many of Maine's waterways - and you don’t have to go far to find them. Read on

  • mainetoday
    Photosvia SEEN

    Photos: Kite Festival @ Bug Light Park South Portland

    The annual Kite Festival at Bug Light Park in South Portland, what a wondrous sight to behold. The park was filled with laughing children, moms, dads, and family pets. Everyone flying kites, having picnics, enjoying kite races and chasing bubbles. Read on

  • 3 harsh truths you need to get over when dating in Portland

    There are three harsh realities that keep many people from fully committing to dating in Maine. And they are facts people cling to like life preservers as excuses for being alone forever. But there is hope, and it comes in the form of tough love. Read on

  • 3 Maine islands you should stay on this summer (for cheap or free)

    You don't have $500 to blow on an island adventure, but you need to get out of dodge — like, really really really out of dodge? I have 3 islands you should know about. You can stay at them for $0-60. Sweet. Islands are magic. Read on

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