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Things to do This week

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  • Ride horses on Peaks Island: Horse Island Camp offers trail rides along the ocean

    Sure, you've biked on Peaks Island, but have you galloped along the beaches? Have you trotted your horse up to old WWII forts? Well, you have to. It's just plain magical. Read on

  • Industrial Way neighborhood is sacred ground for Portland’s craft beer lovers

    Earlier this year, Bissell Brothers Brewing, Foundation Brewing and Austin Street Brewing each opened a garage door in One Industrial Way. So why is this neighborhood the Mesopotamia of Maine craft brewing? Read on

  • There’ll probably be a wait at The Ramp … and it’ll be worth it

    The cozy bar and grill offers a prime view of the harbor in Cape Porpoise. Read on

  • Alan Greene, Roger Robinson & Jeb Gerrish – Firefighters

    Finding moments of calm and gentleness in a 24-hour shift is key to the job of fighting fire. This job requires everything and anything: patience and critical thinking in an inferno, the willingness to help the helpless, and the ability to navigate disaster with honor. Roger, Alan, and Jeb's lives as firemen are not regular or easy, but they are full of impact and valor. Read on

  • Nearly 25% of employers reject applicants due to social media posts | Survey says!

    If you're looking for a job, or think you might be anytime soon, you might want to think twice about what you're posting on social media. New survey results released last month from CareerBuilder show that more employers than ever are turning to social networking sites to find additional information on potential candidates – and they're not entirely impressed with what they're seeing. Read on

  • Check out Ryan Adams live at The State Theatre tonight

    Ohhh yeahhh! Now picture the Kool Aid dude smashing straight through a brick wall to announce that it is Tuesday! That dude represents my feelings to the fullest today as we move forward through another day chock full of incredibly cool happenings. There’s a whole bunch of awesome shows to check out, so bust through… Read on

  • Dining Guide: 5 new & noteworthy Portland-area restaurants

    The restaurant boom in Maine shows no signs of abating, but to survive, you better be good. These five newcomers appear to have staying power. Read on

  • Breakfast heaven: On the prowl for bacon and eggs

    These are the great blue-plate breakfast specials from greasy spoons to fine dining haunts in Portland Read on

  • The 10 most popular books in Portland: 100 people reeeeally want to read ‘The Goldfinch’

    What are Portlanders most eager to read? We asked Portland Public Library for a list of the books with the most "holds." Read on

  • Great hiking, great views at Great Pond Mountain

    In the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands in Orland, a granite bedrock trail leads to the extraordinary cliffs atop Great Pond Mountain and far-reaching views south to Acadia, Blue Hill and Penobscot Bay. Read on

  • Ladies: Do your conversations pass the Bechdel Test?

    Just like a lot of women (married and single), I spend a hell of a lot of time talking about dudes. And relationships. Only when necessary do we dig into the details of the men who are a part of their lives. Read on

  • KahBang music festival moving to Portland, St. Vincent and DMX to play Aug. 7-10

    This is so exciting! KahBang is moving to Portland and bringing more than 16 awesome bands with them. The music festival was going to happen in Bangor, but now it will be at the State Theatre, Port City Music Hall and the Big Easy. YEY! Read on

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