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  • Pop-up art at the Masonic Temple, “Piercing the Pickle” and other things to see during May’s First Friday Art Walk

    Congress Street building will include monthly art shows. Read on

  • Maine Mayhem short film festival showcases next-gen filmmakers from SMCC

    SMCC students debut short films at Maine Mayhem Read on

  • Free Comic Book Day at Maine comic shops on Saturday

    Saturday is the day comic book fans wait for all year. It's the day when an awesome selection of comic books are yours for the taking at comic shops all over the country, including Maine. Read on

  • Worth the hike: 13 amazing Maine (and nearby) mountaintop views

    My family does a lot of hiking and we have visited some amazing mountain tops. These places require some effort – some more than others – to get to the view. To tantalize your senses, here is a video roundup of some of our favorites. Read on

  • The goodness that is Sur-Lie, Portland

    Of our current crop of new restaurants, Sur-Lie is one of the best in town. Read on

  • 10 best make out spots in Portland, Maine

    Like Roswell and Area 51 are high traffic UFO sites, and Mt. Shasta and Sedona are energy vortexes for higher consciousness, these Portland locations are the spots that pull you in and make you feel so good, you can't help but smooch someone. Read on

  • Dining Guide: 5 neighborhood bars in Portland

    Portland has more places to drink than ever, including urbane spaces dedicated to craft cocktails, wine bars and brewpubs. But, there are still bars where the mixers come from a soda gun and the menu runs to pizza, burgers and wings — neighborhood joints where the regulars have favorite bar stools and newcomers get a warm welcome. Read on

  • Here are 4 Maine beers sure to make your spring brighter

    Beers made with far less malts than the stouts and porters that filled our winter. Beers with nice floral and tropical hop notes. Beers whose flavors liven the palate as the natural world awakens all around us. Read on

  • Monica Wood’s ‘Papermaker’ premieres at Portland Stage

    Directed by Sally Wood and starring a cast of six, "Papermaker" is about what happens when a strike divides a town and a family. It pits family against family, man against son, and creates tension among generations. Read on

  • ‘The Age of Adaline’ is a love story for the ages

    Hollywood long ago ceded "love that stands the test of time" to the realm of science fiction and fantasy, so "The Age of Adaline" falls neatly into a genre that includes "The Time Traveler's Wife," "About Time" and even "Somewhere in Time." Read on

  • Feel better about you: How to increase your self-esteem

    A one-size-fits-all formula exists for increasing your self-esteem, and you can, much to the chagrin of clever advertisers everywhere, save yourself a lot of time and money by following it. Read on

  • Bona fide craft beer in Midcoast Maine: Rock Harbor Brewery and Brew Pub in Rockland

    From drink one, it's clear that owner/brewer Dan Pease doesn't want to settle for mediocre brewpub beer. He wants to make bona fide craft beer. Read on

  • Tiny and off the beaten path, JP’s Bistro in Portland mixes up great cocktails

    JP's Bistro is a small neighborhood restaurant specializing in Italian dishes and craft cocktails. Capacity is about 50, but the bistro doesn't leave much room left over. Read on

  • 13 Fun Meetups in/around Portland: Meet new people who like doing what you like doing!

    The best way to meet people who you're likely to like is to do stuff you like to do. And thanks to the internet and sites like, finding groups of people who like doing what you like doing is easy. Read on

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