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Things to do This week

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  • Fall hiking and wine tasting in coastal Camden

    What do a quintessential Maine hike with near-peak-foliage views, a quiet yet bustling coastal town and an amazing wine-tasting experience all have in common? They are all a quick drive up Rt. 1 in Camden. This streets of this picturesque coastal town are simply a stone’s throw away from all that Maine has to offer,… Read on

  • 5 dog-friendly ways to have a howling good time with your Halloween hound

    Halloween can be fun if your dog loves posing, ruffing around in a costume or doing tricks for treats. Here are five wagging ways to help you seek out a howling good time and get in the Halloween spirit, including a fun Maine Today competition for your happy "Halloween Hound". Read on

  • The broader visual comedy lacks finesse, the actors win out in “St. Vincent”

    For all the boozed and abusive amusement provided by the great Bill Murray in the good-enough "St. Vincent," the moment I liked best was Naomi Watts as a pregnant Russian stripper, manhandling a vacuum across the Murray character's ancient carpet. In movies as in life, it's the little things. Read on

  • Frugal Friday Find: Maine-Made Earrings for $6

    Maine-made earrings for under a ten-spot? I would not lie to you about something like this. Read on

  • Tweed Ride, Haunted Seminary, Woods Walk & Pumpkin Fest: 7 things to do in Maine this weekend

    Go for a haunted walk in the woods or a haunted walk through the Parsonsfield Seminary. There's a ton of Halloween events happening this weekend (check out the Halloween Guide for more) but it's not all about costumes. There's a John Gorka concert. And several performances of MacBeth. And the annual Tweed Ride (which, okay, does involve a little bit of costuming). Read on

  • Pets wearing Halloween costumes: Send us your photos!

    Let's celebrate our costumed pets this Halloween. Send us a photo of your pet dressed in whatever getup you saw fit and we'll post them here for all to see and admire. Read on

  • Sensible multitasking: Get more done in less time (but don’t be dumb about it)

    It's easy to convince ourselves of what we wish were true, that technology saves time by making it possible to wholly engage in two exacting endeavors at once. But it doesn't. Read on

  • The funky, ghostly Allagash Ghoulschip returns Saturday

    Around a corner, lurking in the looming shadows of some grain storage vessels, is a small, unassuming cabin with a stained glass 'A' on the door. What goes on behind those doors is shrouded in secrecy...  Read on

  • 7 wonderfully Maine-centric Halloween costumes that are cheap & easy to make

    Celebrate Halloween AND your favorite state with these Maine-centric Halloween costume ideas. Read on

  • Food blogger launches Kickstarter for sandwich truck in Rockland

    After nearly five years of blogging about food, Malcolm Bedell plans to launch 'Wich, Please, a year-round food truck serving "incredible sandwiches." Read on

  • Saco Drive-In offers four nights of horror: ‘Pet Sematary,’ ‘The Exorcist,’ ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and more

    When it comes to movies, some old things are just better. Video stores are better than Netflix. Horror movies belong at the drive-in, especially around Halloween. Lucky for you, there's a classic horror movie weekend of double (and a triple) features this Thursday through Sunday. Movies include "The Shining," "Silence of the Lambs," "The Exorcist" and more. Read on

  • Snacktime: Eat and burn on Halloween, Pocket Brunch returns, and more

    In this week's round-up of food news and events: four more new restaurants for Portland, a fiery-food Halloween night, all-Maine brunch, wine dinners and a ski-season preview. Read on

  • Get scared by Maine’s haunted history: Ghostly walking tours in Portland, Freeport and the midcoast

    Sure, you can hit a haunted house this Halloween and scream in terror at every blood-covered clown that pops out at you, or you can get scared by Maine's real (and really creepy) history. There are a host of haunted walking tours this season - from Rockland to Wiscasset and Portland to Freeport. Read on

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