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  • AppleCycle, apple cider, cigars & Fall Fest: 8 things to do in Maine this weekend

    One word describes this weekend: Apples. On Friday, meet John Bunker and learn the history of apples in Maine...while drinking hard cider. On Saturday, it's Apple Day at Gilsland Farm and Sunday, get on your bike and orchard hop during AppleCycle. There's also some cigar smoking and comedy watching this weekend, plus a fall festival in Freeport. Read on

  • Single people in Maine, you’re curvier than singles in other states. At least you say you are.

    Does Maine have the curviest single people in America? It's possible. According to a report released by online dating company Zoosk, Mainers are more likely to describe themselves as "curvy" in their Zoosk dating profiles. Read on

  • Talk to Salt: Your portrait, your words captured on Congress Street during Friday Art Walk

    You are interesting. It's true. Your thoughts are worth hearing, your aspirations are worth sharing, and your sarcasm is worth spreading. That's the basic premise of Salt's "First Friday Art Talk," an on-the-street portrait and interview session that Salt has done during the last two First Friday Art Walks. Read on

  • Saltwater Celtic Music Festival will bring 50+ musicians to Portland on Saturday

    Formerly held outdoors in Brunswick, the festival will include shows by Eileen Ivers, Ashley Davis, the Gothard Sisters, The Prodigals and more. Read on

  • 17 Halloween events in Maine: Parties, haunted houses and scary movies at the drive-in

    Halloween two ways: Dance your zombie face paint off or scream your way through the haunted houses, mazes, woods and execution rooms. We've got both options listed for you. Read on

  • Falmouth Goodwill Reopens: Is Bigger Always Better?

    The old Falmouth location has closed and reopened in the same shopping plaza in a bigger space. A twinge of pain coursed through me as I heard the news. I decided to check it out. Read on

  • Holy fair food! 29 wonderfully gluttonous things to devour (or drool over) at Fryeburg Fair

    The Fryeburg Fair is not a place for diets. It's a place for sugar and meat and dough, sometimes all at once. But hey, it doesn't hurt to look. So go ahead, lean in. Scroll through these photos and salivate. Read on

  • Standard Baking Company’s story: “This connection to tradition is huge”

    In 1995 husband and wife team, Matt James and Alison Pray, opened Standard Baking Company in Portland. Today the neighborhood bakery is a city icon. We talked to Pray about community, quality of life and baking. Read on

  • 5 things to see at October’s Art Walk in Portland: Woodblock witches, antique autos and wine waltzes

    Portland, you sure are feeling reflective this month. Artists are painting from old journals. They're bringing out antique cars. Merrill Auditorium's organ is getting a photography exhibit on its historic restoration project. There's both the pulp book covers of the 1930s AND a woodblock display inspired by 1930s comics. I'm calling this months art walk Look Back October. Read on

  • Electronic dance music from Chile, Switzerland and France? It’s happening at Space!

    Hola! Bonjour! Hallo!International Electronic Dance Music descends on SPACE. Read on

  • This week’s Clash of the Titans at Empire gets emotional as Taking Back Sunday takes on Brand New

    Renee Coolbrith jazzes things up with a free show at MJ’s Wine Bar, Rap Night pops off at The Asylum, Dave Jacquet returns to Cole Farms in Gray for another open mic night, and lots more musical action for your Wednesday night! Read on

  • 10 easy Maine hikes anyone can do: Great views for the casual hiker

    All these hikes are less than 2 miles. They're not difficult, but they are super gratifying. 6 of them are within an hour's drive of Portland. If you're not a hardcore hiker, but want a mountaintop view, here's our picks for you: Read on

  • Monhegan Brewing Company: One more reason to visit Maine’s iconic island

    There are many reasons to make the trip to Monhegan: natural beauty, rugged hiking, local art and now, local beer. Read on

  • The coolest map of Portland, Maine you’re going to find — in 1775 we had orchards, windmills and swamps on the peninsula

    Some things are just too cool to not put on the Internet. Read on

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